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Father's Day Tribute – Saturday, June 23rd

Join Dave Sisson of “Dave’s Record Collection” on Saturday, June 23rd, for a special tribute to Father’s Day — an annual tradition featuring songs & comedy in honor of our favorite Dads. This year, double the fun from 6:00 PM to midnight! As always, dedicated to my father (Dave Sr.) & my three sons.

Upcoming Events on Punk Punk Goose (Saturdays 9-midnight)

All summer long, Punk Punk Goose (Saturdays 9-midnight) will be hosting interviews and appearances by some of the highlights of the DC music scene, past and present.

June 30th: interview with Ian McLagan (keyboardist from SMALL FACES, Mod Forefathers along with the Who ALSO toured as keyboardist of Rolling Stones) at 9PM

July 7th: interview with The Chumps (late 70s seminal DC band – these guys gave Half Japanese & Bad Brains their first opening slots ever) at 9pm

July 14th: an evening of Old School Go-Go with appearances by members of Ayre Rade, Trouble Funk & EU at 9pm

August 4th: 9353 (original members Bruce & Vance) -tentative- at 9pm

Celebrate Bob Dylan's Birthday

Bob Dylan’s birthday is May 24th, so tune in to Dave’s Record Collection at 6:00PM this Saturday (5/26) for an annual celebration! Explore Dylan’s career through his music, some covers, and a bit of comedy.

Summer 2007 Returning DJ Application

Hey current WMUC DJs, want to keep the airwaves rocking with your own unique musical stylings over the summer? Sign up for a show this summer using the online application, and send it in an email attachment to the enclosed address.

Returning DJ Form (in Word format)

Thanks a lot – to you UMD student DJs, good luck with the rest of exams! The faster you complete your applications, the faster we can get the schedule for the summer out.

Summer 2007 New DJ Application

Interested in doing a show on WMUC this summer? Download the New DJ Application here! Fill it out and send it by e-mail to the address noted in the file by Monday, May 14th.


—come by to sing some awesomely bad or amazingly good songs—
thursday april 27
wmuc liveroom

Sugarcult and Wiliam Tell in-studio interviews and performance

WMUC Radio is proud to announce that this Thursday, April 19th, we will have LIVE, in-studio interviews with William TELL and SUGARCULT for that evening’s CMJ/VCMT concert. Tell will be on the air at 2pm, and Sugarcult at 6pm. Tell will also be performing a live acoustic set after his interview.

And: WMUC Radio is giving away free tickets to this concert, headlined by TALIB KWELI. 2 pairs of tickets will be given away on the air. One pair will be given away on The Identity Crisis, from 4-6pm on Wednesday. Your second chance to win will be that evening on the Man of the House, from 10pm-12midnight.


Listen to Indiescribable – Monday, April 23rd at 6 to 8pm – for a chance to win a pair of tickets to either Saves the Day/Say Anything or to the Toasters at Rams Head Live!

88.1 FM
Channel 76 on Campus Television!

The TOASTERS (2 tickets)
Friday May 4th, 6pm

Sunday May 6th, 6pm

(not open to WMUC DJ’s… but tell your friends!)



saturday april 21
wmuc live room
dress to impress
$1 entry
djs: rohan and alex dB

—come by to sing some awesomely bad or amazingly good songs—
thursday april 27
wmuc liveroom

WMUC Welcomes the Happy Flowers to Third Rail — April 15, 2007

The Happy Flowers stand as an “old school” WMUC favorite. The Happy Flowers became inactive in the early 1990s, but by that time they’d made their mark as a seminal noise-core band of the 80’s. Evoking the nightmare world of childhood trauma with insight, humor and surprising heart, the duo of ex-Landlords members Mr. Anus, drummer/guitarist Charlie Kramer and Mr. Horribly-Charred Infant, vocalist/guitarist John Beers teamed up to form the Happy Flowers in their native Charlottesville, Virginia in 1983. They established their singular aesthetic – brutal, improvisational noise laced with wailing vocals – over the course of tracks like “Mom and Dad Like the Baby More Than Me,” “I Wet the Bed Again,” “Mom, I Gave the Cat Some Acid,” “Razors In My Apple” and “All the Toys Hate Me.” The Happy Flowers found a growing audience within the ranks of the U.S. hardcore and noise communities and will grace the WMUC airwaves once again.

This reunion show is a rarity and one not to be missed as the Happy Flowers resurrect their brand of humorous hard core. Tune in on 88.1FM, listen right here on WMUCRadio.com or join the studio audience and watch them grind out some of their trademark songs.

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