The Irrelevant Show – Saturday 09-11-10

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The Irrelevant Show Tune in to WMUC 88.1 FM at 6:00PM to hear the Pastor Irrelevant fill in for Dave’s Record Collection.

This edition of the Irrelevant show will showcase many of the performers at this years Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music & Beyond (9/18-25, 2010) along with a ticket giveaway to one of the events. Tune in tomorrow, 6-9pm eastern time for a preview and a chance to win tickets.

From the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s The Irrelevant Show was one of WMUC’s most popular and a staple of the WMUC menu.

“What is The Irrelevant Show”, you ask? It has no boundaries, it has no equal and everything else pales in comparison.

Check out The Pastor Irrelevant himself here:
Music From The Film
And here:
Gary Young (The Pastor Irrelevant)

From 3:00PM till 9:00PM WMUC will turn back the clocks and totally distort reality as you know it.

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