Summer Fun @ WMUC!

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WMUC’s Summer 2008 Schedule is now in effect. Many of your spring favorites have returned for another round… click over to the schedule and check it out!

Want to get on the radio this summer? Better yet, want to be able to play what you want on the radio? Now’s your chance – DC’s only free-form FM college radio station has some airtime to fill, and we’re looking for new talent. If you’re going to be around College Park and want to try out, come to the WMUC Summer Open House on Thursday, June 5th, at 7:00 – 10:00 pm at the station.

Come out and see what we’re all about. Bring us your show idea – if you had two hours of weekly airtime to do whatever you want (okay, there are a few rules), what would you do? If you’d play music, bring a playlist. If you’d talk, bring a list of topics or ideas. Only the best ideas win.

Keep in mind – the timeslots available are the ones currently listed as “Off the Air” on the schedule.

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