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Wednesday Morning Wakeup with Jeremy

Scheduled Time: wed 600 – 800 on channel 1
DJs: Jeremy Spekman
Description: Radioness that eases the transition from sleep to consciousness
Genre: “The best thing you can be tuning into Wednesday morning anywhere!”

About: This show plays an ecclentic range of music ranging from Carole King to Cat Stevens, Beethoven to the Black Eye Peas. The show also gives you morning news from main stream news sources,, weather, quotes of the day, this day in history, whats going on in the life of Jeremy and other things Jeremy finds pertinent to the extensive number of listeners to his show. This is Jeremy’s first real radio show although he has done fill-ins previously. Listen in, its usually a good time.

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05/31/06 Jeremy Spekman 05/31/06 07:56:05
06/07/06 Jeremy Spekman 06/07/06 08:01:53
06/14/06 Jeremy Spekman 06/14/06 08:01:40
06/21/06 Jeremy Spekman 06/21/06 08:00:21
06/28/06 Jeremy Spekman 06/28/06 08:00:16
07/05/06 Jeremy Spekman 07/05/06 07:59:36
07/12/06 Jeremy Spekman 07/12/06 08:03:15
07/19/06 Jeremy Spekman 07/19/06 07:59:08
07/26/06 Jeremy Spekman 07/26/06 07:57:58

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