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Dave’s Record Collection

Scheduled Time: sat 1200 – 1500 on channel 1
DJs: Dave Sisson
Description: An eclectic blend. Themes are often featured
Genre: rock, blues, alt. country, jazz, folk, comedy, spoken, etc.
AIM: davreccol

About: Dave’s Record Collection features a wide variety of music from my personal record collection of 3500+ records & 2500+ Cd’s. The Station has a hugh library, which I also draw from. Through the years many theme shows have been featured. Some are now featured annually. “Classic Rock Clinics” along with the “Harvman” and Dominick have showcased what classic rock station would sound like if they used the vast amount of material that is rarely or never played. I’ve done yearly, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, MLK’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, 4th Of July, etc. (most of these with Dominick of Electric Candle Radio). I constantly look to improve these shows every year. I also look for new ideas to improve the radio shows. Feature artist shows have included Jimi Hendrix birthday celebration, Bob Dylan’s birthday, & Jerry Garcia’s birthday. Over the years tributes to those who have left us are frequent. To name a few, Link Wray, Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash, Shel Silverstein. I am always open to new ideas and love to expand my musical knowledge. You never know what you might hear. Give A Listen! Dave

Archived Playlists

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02/04/06 Dave Sisson 02/04/06 15:03:20
02/11/06 Dave Sisson 02/11/06 12:10:53
02/18/06 Dave Sisson 02/18/06 15:27:00
02/25/06 Dave Sisson 02/25/06 14:47:11
03/04/06 Dave Sisson 03/04/06 16:04:24
03/11/06 Dave Sisson 03/11/06 15:12:13
03/18/06 Mandy Fraser 03/18/06 15:00:41
03/25/06 Dave Sisson 03/25/06 15:14:53
04/01/06 Dave Sisson 04/01/06 15:10:13
04/08/06 Dave Sisson 04/08/06 15:16:31
04/15/06 Dave Sisson 04/15/06 15:10:09
04/22/06 Dave Sisson 04/22/06 15:22:16
05/06/06 Dave Sisson 05/06/06 12:34:25
05/13/06 Dave Sisson 05/13/06 15:12:47
05/20/06 Dave Sisson 05/20/06 23:59:54

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