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The Downstairs Mix-up

Scheduled Time: fri 2200 – 2400 on channel 2
DJs: Fernanda Pini, Sasha Guevara
Description: the amazing sounds of (a musical) orgy
Genre: we YES so hard we bring back the dead
AIM: echoesurround

About: The downstairs mixup contains the same degree of sweetness as ordinary refined sugar, but its hearty natural flavor remains untouched. Use it to enhance the flavor or fruit, complement a cup of coffee, or sweeten a bowl of cereal. just savor its old-fashioned taste! this will make your life better:
Guests: yo momma, just kidding, no i’m not kidding, i’m good friends with your momma and she comes over sometimes, just kidding, just kidding, no seriously your momma. just kidding.

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01/30/09 Sasha Guevara 01/30/09 23:20:30
02/06/09 Sasha Guevara 02/08/09 01:13:59
02/13/09 Fernanda Pini 02/17/09 21:10:46
02/27/09 Sasha Guevara 02/27/09 23:59:03
03/13/09 Sasha Guevara 03/14/09 00:04:16
03/20/09 Sasha Guevara 03/20/09 23:52:05
03/27/09 Sasha Guevara 03/27/09 23:53:16
04/17/09 Fernanda Pini 04/18/09 00:02:00
04/24/09 Fernanda Pini 04/28/09 07:32:41
05/08/09 Fernanda Pini 05/09/09 00:03:35

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