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That Fresh Radio Piece

Scheduled Time: sun 600 – 800 on channel 1
DJs: Christian Melendez, James Briscoe
Description: A counter-balance to the “Fair and Balanced”.
Genre: Public affairs with a mix of everything in between.

About: Your weekly dosage of alternative progressive radio: Headlines, Stats, Community Call-In, Fresh Piece, Community Plugs, and tunes. Issues and Events Covered: Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Coast, National Week of Action, Immigration, Sudan (Darfur), Child Soldiers during Uganda’s Civil War, International Women’s Day, Falun Dafa (Gong)and of course…the media. Site to be up soon with archives and more! A Counter-balance to the “Fair and Balanced”!
Guests: CodePink, Community Roots, MaryPIRG, Peace Forum, FreeMix Radio, STAND, Latino Student Union, Invisible Children, Courtney Dowe

Archived Playlists

Show Date Entered By Last Modified
02/19/06 Christian Melendez 02/20/06 04:01:38
02/26/06 Christian Melendez 03/01/06 01:08:31
03/05/06 James Briscoe 03/05/06 09:15:39
03/12/06 James Briscoe 03/12/06 07:24:38
04/02/06 Christian Melendez 04/02/06 10:04:10
04/09/06 Christian Melendez 04/09/06 08:00:18
02/05/06 Christian Melendez 04/16/06 08:00:59
04/23/06 Christian Melendez 04/23/06 07:59:27
05/14/06 Christian Melendez 05/14/06 07:55:18

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