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Not Another College Radio Show

Scheduled Time: thu 400 – 600 on channel 1
DJs: Sterling Huber
Description: Playing what should be on the radio
Genre: Indie and Alt Rock

About: Have you ever picked up a brand new album at the shop and go listen to it to find that you love a lot of the songs on it? Have you ever been a bit annoyed that the radio stations only play a few songs off of the album when there is obviously plenty of awesome material they could work with? If you’ve ever wanted to hear those songs that the radio has carelessly left out I’m your man. This show will aim to play those otherwise forgotten gems off of great alt rock and indie albums.

Archived Playlists

Show Date Entered By Last Modified
09/30/10 Sterling Huber 09/30/10 06:01:54
10/07/10 Sterling Huber 10/07/10 06:04:37
10/14/10 Sterling Huber 10/14/10 05:52:32
10/28/10 Sterling Huber 10/28/10 05:56:36
11/04/10 Sterling Huber 11/04/10 14:27:00
11/11/10 Sterling Huber 11/11/10 05:56:55
11/18/10 Sterling Huber 11/18/10 05:46:38
11/25/10 Patrick Hayes 11/25/10 05:58:34
12/02/10 Sterling Huber 12/02/10 05:57:48
12/09/10 Sterling Huber 12/09/10 05:55:12
12/16/10 Sterling Huber 12/16/10 05:56:05

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