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Pay-To-Play: Pat Robertson’s Crust and Powerviolence Hour

Scheduled Time: thu 1600 – 1800
DJs: Fred White
Description: Analogous with a battered raccoon rotting softly in the scorching black pavement on a beautiful air-choked day.
Genre: Hardcore, Sludge, Powerviolence, Doom, Death Metal, Crust, Thrash, Grunge, AMREP Noise, and GOD.

About: Expect Nihilism, incoherent rants, and bizarre stories.
Guests: God. David Horowitz. Budd Dwyer. Ronald Wilson. and Tim Curry!

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05/29/08 Fred White 05/29/08 17:58:10
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06/26/08 Fred White 06/26/08 17:57:44
07/03/08 Fred White 07/03/08 17:51:41
07/10/08 Fred White 07/10/08 17:58:33

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