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Scheduled Time: wed 2000 – 2200 on channel 1
DJs: Sami and Kristy
Description: The name says it all: this show defys description
Genre: Indie/Girl Bands vs. Emo/Hardcore
AIM: Sami and Kristy

About: We play a pretty interesting mix of songs from both our diverse musical tastes. We encompass a Venn Diagram of music, with huge crossover, but each of us definitey has their own side of things. Expect Interpol/Metric/Tegan And Sara stylings from Kristy, while Sami may bust out with some They Might be Giants, Andrew W.K., or Good Clean Fun. Don’t expect anything (except The Alkaline Trio perhaps) and we even take chances on some songs that we’ve never heard before that we have dug out of the huge CD collection at the station. We love our listeners, and if you call in on air and ask for something, Sami will probably even go to where you live and deliver it. If you request a song, we’ll do a half-assed job of finding it, and if you’re lucky enough, we’ll play it (with a shout out to you about 50% of the time). You can always IM us when we’re on the air at ‘Sami and Kristy’ on AOL Instant Messenger. If you’re brave enough, come to WMUC’s station during our show and hang out with us, because we do get lonely doing our show.

Archived Playlists

Show Date Entered By Last Modified
02/01/06 Sami and Kristy 02/01/06 21:54:13
02/08/06 Sami and Kristy 02/08/06 22:00:02
02/15/06 Sami and Kristy 02/15/06 22:01:04
02/22/06 Sami and Kristy 02/22/06 21:55:56
03/01/06 Sami and Kristy 03/01/06 22:29:20
03/08/06 Sami and Kristy 03/08/06 21:53:32
03/15/06 Sami and Kristy 03/15/06 21:57:23
03/29/06 Patchen Mortimer 03/29/06 21:57:43
04/05/06 Sami and Kristy 04/05/06 22:03:16
04/12/06 Christian Melendez 04/12/06 21:55:53
04/19/06 Sami and Kristy 04/19/06 22:01:25
04/26/06 Sami and Kristy 04/27/06 00:03:23
05/03/06 Sami and Kristy 05/03/06 22:25:49
05/10/06 Sami and Kristy 05/10/06 23:46:04

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