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Ferpect Radio

Scheduled Time: sat 600 – 900 on channel 1
DJs: Jared McGrath
Description: a jambalaya of the world’s sounds and cityscapes
Genre: Soul Candy
AIM: ferpectradio

About: please check out the facebook group “Ladies and germs, its…ferpect radio” -a good amount of stuff is posted here ………………. ATTENTION, WEEKLY FEATURES: 1) Strawberry Alarm Clock …opening tunes for opening eyes 2) Eenie Meanie …songs picked by you guys, vote for them in facebook group 3) 14 Minutes of Freakay …a nonstop block of grooves that make you wanna get outta bed & dance 4) Live Licks …live recordings of a kickass song that packs a newly added punch due to the concert dynamic 5) Guilty Pleasures ….yep 6) Trashed-Ups …2 songs in 1? no way! i feel like theres a name for that? 7) UnderCover Brotha …awesome covers galore 8) Stride of Pride Anthem …cuz its saturday morning, you had too much fun for this to be a “walk of shame,” you wish your contact lenses were permanent beer goggles, and gosh darnit, you just need some tunes! STRIDE ON , MY FRIENDS!
Guests: Pajama Gangsta

Archived Playlists

Show Date Entered By Last Modified
10/06/07 Jared McGrath 10/18/07 00:49:05
10/13/07 Jared McGrath 10/17/07 00:03:51
10/20/07 Jared McGrath 10/21/07 01:16:44
10/27/07 Jared McGrath 10/27/07 07:53:23
11/10/07 Jared McGrath 11/10/07 08:59:19
11/17/07 Savannah McGregor 11/17/07 09:01:55

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