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The Alternative Breakfast Party from Hell

Scheduled Time: thu 1200 – 1400 on channel 1
DJs: Megan Lahman
Description: A delightful pick me up that will kick your ass!
Genre: Seriously Alternative…Rock’n roll you can dance to, and dance music that rocks. (ie- college rock, synth pop, punk, indie, ska, goth. think mtv’s 120 minutes)
AIM: saintangelsin

About: Noon seems strange for a morning show, right? Not if you’re a college student. Noon can feel like 9 am, and you might as well have breakfast for lunch, so Cure yourself of the mid-day blahs. I play all sorts of good stuff. A lot of it is things that’ll make you dance! Artists I typically play are: prince, sisters of mercy, afi, husker du, the clash, joy division, nine inch nails, depeche mode, against me!, elvis costello, inxs, the cure, the smiths, iggy pop, u2, david bowie, new order, the happy mondays, goldfrapp, ect. Basically it’s punk rock and apple sauce. College radio classics and things (modern music) I find to be rather note/buzz worthy. Some stuff gets played a lot and other stuff is played by mood. From time to time, I’ll feature special sets in my shows that are all about old school hip hop or goth or electronic or brit pop. Anything goes and it’s always spontaneous! To say the least, my show is the best party you’ll ever attend on a Thursday during daylight hours.

Archived Playlists

Show Date Entered By Last Modified
09/04/08 Daniel Berdak 09/04/08 14:04:26
09/11/08 Megan Lahman 09/11/08 13:59:06
09/18/08 Megan Lahman 09/18/08 14:00:07
09/25/08 Megan Lahman 09/25/08 14:06:18
10/02/08 Matt J Love 10/02/08 15:50:32
10/02/08 Megan Lahman 10/02/08 14:00:09
10/09/08 Megan Lahman 10/09/08 14:00:08
10/30/08 Megan Lahman 10/30/08 14:07:10
10/16/08 Megan Lahman 10/16/08 13:57:46
10/23/08 Megan Lahman 10/23/08 14:02:36
11/06/08 Andrew Quang 11/06/08 13:55:50
11/13/08 Megan Lahman 11/13/08 14:00:30
11/20/08 Megan Lahman 11/20/08 14:01:53
12/11/08 Megan Lahman 12/11/08 14:05:06
12/18/08 Daniel Seifert 12/19/08 10:56:19

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