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Testudo’s Wake

Scheduled Time: thu 800 – 1000 on channel 1
DJs: Alex Georgiadis
Description: Balls to the wall Metal, Hardcore, and Metalcore
Genre: Metal
AIM: planetcaravan47

About: This show is for any metal-head who wakes up for class or just anyone who tunes into the world’s best radio station and is in the mood to mosh where ever they may be. It is very simple really: Step 1: Wake Up Step 2: Brush Teeth/ Wash Face Step 3: Headbang until loss of concioussness This program is to provide some heavy wake up music so people are not stuck with some tired sad song that makes them think of a past relationship or whatever. Also, this is to inform you of upcoming local shows of big name bands that people might want to catch, cd reviews, and music forum which is open to anyone who calls in with a specific topic in mind Listen Carefully, you just might learn something!
Guests: none for now but I am hoping to get some important people as they tour through Maryland. Also in the future I might be interviewing JB Beverly who can provide insight in the life of a musician.

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09/27/07 Alex Georgiadis 09/27/07 09:56:03
10/04/07 Alex Georgiadis 10/04/07 09:54:50
10/11/07 Alex Georgiadis 10/11/07 10:04:05
10/18/07 Alex Georgiadis 10/18/07 09:55:38
10/25/07 Alex Georgiadis 10/25/07 09:49:08
11/01/07 Alex Georgiadis 11/01/07 09:55:57
11/08/07 Alex Georgiadis 11/08/07 09:52:08
11/15/07 Alex Georgiadis 11/15/07 09:59:21
11/22/07 Alex Georgiadis 11/22/07 08:35:28

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