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LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal Radio

Scheduled Time: sun 2100 – 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Scotty Maxwell
Description: HEAVY METAL! Anthems of glory, power, speed, and violence, like a sword in the night to tear the airwaves asunder! Death to the false ones – This is the soundtrack to victory!
Genre: Heavy metal, power metal, true metal, thrash metal, speed metal, viking metal, old and new but always true!

About: LEAVE THE HALL! is indeed TRUE METAL RADIO! Each night I’ll play a broad swath, from the old to the new to the classic to the up-and-coming, from the popular to the obscure. I’ll mine the vinyl rarities and play some of your favorite denim-and-leather anthems. Band interviews, great stories from a veteran headbanger, frequent guests, always a killer time so grab your beer and bullet-belt and tune in! DEATH TO FALSE METAL!

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05/28/06 Scotty Maxwell 05/28/06 23:50:10
06/04/06 Scotty Maxwell 06/04/06 23:49:35
06/11/06 Scotty Maxwell 06/12/06 00:02:03
06/18/06 Scotty Maxwell 06/19/06 00:01:28
06/25/06 Scotty Maxwell 06/26/06 00:04:45
07/09/06 Scotty Maxwell 07/09/06 20:57:46
07/16/06 Scotty Maxwell 07/16/06 23:54:48
07/23/06 Scotty Maxwell 07/23/06 23:57:09
07/30/06 Scotty Maxwell 07/30/06 23:56:12
08/13/06 Scotty Maxwell 08/14/06 00:05:33
08/27/06 Scotty Maxwell 08/28/06 00:06:08

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