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Five on Five

Scheduled Time: thu 1700 – 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Eric Garment, Ryan Largent
Description: Sports! You’ll be good at them!
Genre: Sports Talk

About: On this show, we break down the five biggest stories in local and national sports in a one-hour block. Tune in and hear our opinions and make yours heard! Feel free to tweet questions or comments to @EricGarment any time during the week to be addressed on air.

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02/16/12 Ryan Largent 02/16/12 18:02:01
03/08/12 Adam Danoff 03/08/12 18:00:10
04/12/12 Adam Danoff 04/12/12 17:57:21
05/03/12 Adam Danoff 05/03/12 17:52:10
05/10/12 Adam Danoff 05/10/12 18:00:32

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