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The Hip-Hop Corner

Scheduled Time: tue 2200 – 2400 on channel 1
DJs: DJ Boss Player
Description: A few colorful personalities on the corner, playing good music and chopping it up. Live mixing and scratching.
Genre: Hip-hop, R&B, Go-go, Rock, Pop, Anything vicious
AIM: TheHipHopCorner

About: Co-hosts: J. Haze & DJ Glory. The greatest college radio show ever created! (In our humble opinion lol.) Tune in each week for a different show theme, Industry Buzz w/ J. Haze, the DMV Spotlight, Bump It or Dump It, the Jam of the Week, a special DJ Glory Mix & plenty of FREE GIVEAWAYS!
Guests: Lee Majors, DJ Tony Drake, Jimmy Bonds, The Undergrounduates, Landon Milbourne, DJ Money of 93.9 WKYS

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09/22/09 DJ Boss Player 09/22/09 23:50:02
09/29/09 DJ Boss Player 09/30/09 00:02:45
10/13/09 DJ Boss Player 10/13/09 22:13:20

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