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Scheduled Time: mon 1230 – 1400 on channel 1
DJs: Adam Z Winer
Description: campus current affairs
Genre: talk

About: This project aims to encourage discussion and analysis into the issues and concerns of students, residents and employees of the University of Maryland College Park campus and the surrounding community.
Guests: SGA President Jonathan Sachs, Maryland State Senator Jim Rosapepe, Administrative Affairs and Finance Assistant Jim Farley, Diamondback reporter Allison Stice.

Archived Playlists

Show Date Entered By Last Modified
02/16/09 Adam Z Winer 02/16/09 13:58:43
02/23/09 Adam Z Winer 02/23/09 14:02:03
03/02/09 Reza Michael Farhoodi 03/02/09 13:57:38
03/16/09 Adam Z Winer 03/16/09 13:48:53
04/20/09 Megan Lahman 04/20/09 13:57:00
05/11/09 Justin Cousson 05/11/09 12:34:02

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