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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Charles Bronson Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song Spazz – Charles Bronson Split
2 Stapled Shut Wicked Left Back, Let Down Split
3 Jello Biafra and the Melvins California Uber Alles (Arnold version) Sieg Howdy
4 No WTO Combo Electronic Plantation Battle in Seattle
5 Exodus And Then There Were None Bonded By Blood
6 Arch Enemy Bury Me An Angel Black Earth
7 Anal Cunt You’ve Got No Friends I Like It When You Die
8 Anal Cunt You Keep A Diary I Like It When You Die
9 Malevolent Creation Slaughter of Innocence Retribution
10 Fearless Iranians From Hell Holy War Holy War
11 Spazz Death Rivals of Shao-Lin Spazz – Romantic Gorilla Split
12 Germs No God M.I.A. – Anthology
13 Dick Punch Unknown EP
14 Daymares Into The Night Can’t Get Us All
15 Spazz Dan Lifting Banner Spazz – Romantic Gorilla Split
16 Skaven Plague Wind Dystopia & Skaven Split
17 Morbid Angel Bleed For The Devil Altars of Madness
18 Possessed The Beasts of Apocalypse Beyond the Gates
19 Rupture Get In Messunit Spazz – Rupture Split
20 Rammer Living Torment Cancer
21 G.G. Allin and Antiseen Violence Now Murder Junkies
22 Nausea New Generation Punk Terrorist Anthology (Vol 2)
23 NIRVANA Downer Bleach
24 Rorschach Hardware Autopsy
25 Romantic Gorilla Never Say Die Spazz – Romantic Gorilla Split
26 Morser 79 Min. Holle Two Hours to Doom
27 Carcass Foeticide Choice Cuts
28 FANG Junky Dare Landshark/Where The Wild Things Are
29 Exit-13 Misunderstood Cerebral Masturbation High Life
30 Black Flag My War My War
31 Sepultura Inner Self (Drum Tracks) Beneath the Remains
32 Dystopia Green Destroyed Human = Garbage
33 Capitalist Casualties Friends Go Down Subdivisions in Ruin
34 Skew Whiff Nineteenager Taedium Vitae
35 Cathedral Soul Sacrifice Soul Sacrifice EP
36 Cynic Uroboric Forms Roadrunner Demo

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