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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Carcass Slash Dementia Peel Sessions
2 Carcass Foeticide Peel Sessions
3 Cro-Mags It’s The Limit The Age of Quarrel
4 Insect Warfare Necessary Death World Extermination
5 Hellnation Elite Control
6 Sea of Deprivation Eco-Catastrophe Catharsis in Disharmony
7 Napalm Death M.A.D. Scum
8 Napalm Death Dragnet Scum
9 Black Goat Black Goat Black Goat
10 Iron Monkey 2 Golden Rules Our Problem
11 Man is the Bastard Infibulation Mancruel
12 High on Fire The Usurper (Celtic Frost) The Art of Self Defense
13 EYEHATEGOD Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War) Dopesick
14 EYEHATEGOD Southern Discomfort Southern Discomfort
15 Hatred Surge Invisible Noose Collection
16 Nasum Feed Them, Kill Them, Skin Them Inhale/Exhale
17 Nasum The World That You Made Inhale/Exhale
18 Magrudergrind Lyrical Ammunition for Scene Warfare Magrudergrind
19 Magrudergrind Closed Off Rehashed
20 Magrudergrind I’m Fucking Done Rehashed
21 Weekend Nachos 2009 Unforgivable
22 Carcass Oxidized Razor Masticator Reek of Putrefaction
23 Carcass Fermenting Innards Peel Sessions
24 Cannibal Corpse Meat Hook Sodomy Butchered at Birth
25 Sepultura Slave New World Chaos A.D.
26 Sepultura Altered State Arise
27 Depressor Mammoth Symbols
28 Brutal Truth Get a Therapist Save the World Evolution Through Revolution
29 Celtic Frost Into the Crypts of Rays Morbid Tales
30 Dystopia Slaved Chains Human = Garbage
31 Dystopia Ruptured Silence Human = Garbage
32 Dystopia Green Destroyed Human = Garbage
33 Lack of Interest What’s Up Trapped Inside
34 Bathtub Shitter Fuck Hip Raper Angels Save Us
35 Bathtub Shitter Skate of Bulgaria Dance Hall Grind
36 Force Force I Force
37 Force Force II Force
38 Force Force III Force
39 Gored Mechanisms Human
40 Malevolent Creation Slaughter of Innocence Retribution
41 NOOTHGRUSH Gage Erode the Person
42 NOOTHGRUSH Starvation Erode the Person

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