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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Electric Candle Sonic Surf “Turn on, tune in and let us groove.”
2 Mountain To My Friend Climbing
3 The Diamondheads Meadowood Twist Sonic Blue
4 T. Rex Thundering Electric Warrior
5 Satan’s Pilgrims Dilation Psychsploitation
6 Spirit I Got A Line On You The Family That Plays Together
7 The Diamondheads One Arm Bandit Sonic Blue
8 The Mermen Ocean Beach Food For Other Fish
9 The Diamondheads Fullerton Stomp Sonic Blue
10 Steppenwolf Hoochie Coochie Man Steppenwolf
11 Reverb Galaxy Sinister Island Angle Of Attack
12 The Mermen Between I And Thou A Glorious Lethal Euphoria
13 Speed Limit 35 Storming Heaven Shifting Gears
14 Eddie Hazel Juicy Fingers Rest In P
15 The Diamondheads Moon Over LBI Sonic Blue
16 Beautiful People The Sea…Eventually If 60’s Were 90’s
17 The Tritones Chagrin De La Mer Requiem For A Mermaid
18 Reverb Galaxy 10 Miles To Nagshead Angle Of Attack
19 The Diamondheads Return To The Ooze Sonic Blue
20 The Space Cossacks Solaris Stomp Nevermind The Bolsheviks
21 Travesty LTD Station Break (Vince’s Hubcap World) Teen Comedy Party
22 The Diamondheads Jalopy Showdown Sonic Blue
23 Reverb Galaxy Revvin’ The Woodie Angle Of Attack
24 The Tritones Man Of Mystery Requiem For A Mermaid
25 The Diamondheads Harvey Cedars, P.I. Sonic Blue
26 Henry Mancini Peter Gunn Theme The Music From Peter Gunn
27 Satan’s Pilgrims Psych-A-Go-Go Psychsploitation
28 Laika & The Cosmonauts Surfs You Right! Cosmopolis 1998-2008
29 Blue Wave Theory D’Yer Moon Blue Wave Theory
30 Blue Wave Theory Skyhawk Beach Blue Wave Theory
31 The Slickee Boys When I Go To The Beach Somewhat Of An Anthology
32 Blue Wave Theory Gumby Goes Green Blue Wave Theory
33 The Diamondheads Skeg Party! Sonic Blue
34 Los Amigos Invisibles Caliente Arepa 3000
35 The Diamondheads The Sparkly (In Our Eyes) Sonic Blue
36 The Vagrants Oh Those Eyes The Great Lost Album
37 The Tritones Pipeline Requiem For A Mermaid
38 Firesign Theatre Station Break Forward Into The Past
39 The Goldstars Agile, Mobile, Hostile The Race EP
40 The Diamondheads Siesta On The Jersey Rivera Sonic Blue
41 The Tritones Surf Nouveau Requiem For A Mermaid
42 Blue Wave Theory Mermaid In Japan Blue Wave Theory
43 Los Straight Jackets University Boulevard The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sound of Los Straitjackets
44 Reverb Galaxy Blue Sunset Angle Of Attack
45 The Diamondheads El Guacomole Sonic Blue
46 Blue Wave Theory Huckster Blue Wave Theory
47 The Tritones Vicky’s Butterfly Requiem For A Mermaid
48 The Diamondheads If Montana Had An Ocean Sonic Blue
49 The Tritones The Goodbye Requiem For A Mermaid
50 Strawberry Alarm Clock Unwind The Clock Incense & Peppermints

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