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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Proud Scum Rabbit Hate Your Neighbours
2 Betty Davis Game is my middle name Betty Davis
3 The gerogerigegege Yarunara Omotedero Tokyo Anal Dynamite
4 Luminous Orange Silver Kiss Sakura Swirl
5 Non Storm Blood and Flame
6 White Load Ram Jam Party demo 2007
7 The Fartz No Wordz Because This World is…
8 I’m so Hollow Unbroken Line Emotion / Sound / Motion
9 Phocomulous Vers. #1 The Chickens The Chicken Tape
10 Nurses Dead Man Destroy your Friends
11 The Lukers God’s Lonely Men God’s Lonely Men
12 The Droogs Set My Love On You Saturday Night Pogo Comp.
13 Superdrag Pine Away (1-17-94) 4 Track Rock
14 Fuck Geez Shimensoka Apathy…never
15 Tripping Diasy Sonic Bloom Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb
16 My Blood Valentine Cigarette in Your Bed You Made me Realize
17 Dayglo Abortions The Idiot Feed Us A Fetus
18 Matteah Baim Who Loves Death of the Sun
19 Puetro Rico Flowers This is Murder 4
20 Paul Tornado Van Agt Casanova Van Agt Casanova
21 Jeremy Egink Mind Idea OK Bear
22 John Coltrane Mars Inersteller Space
23 Rikk Agnew O.C. Life All by Myself
24 Zhehongyi With Nendi Zhaogaun Mother’s Uproar Black Mirror
25 Play Dead Holy Holy From the Promised Land

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