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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Electric Candle Bryna Golden August 14th 1963 – August 30th 2010 “Turn on, tune in and let us groove.”
2 Spirit Clear The Model Shop
3 All India Radio Echo Other Echo Other
4 Dr. Didg Seratonality Remix Dr. Didg Compilation
5 Beautiful People The Sea…Eventually If 60’s Were 90’s
6 The Tritones Vicky’s Butterfly Requiem For A Mermaid
7 Dick Dale Fever Calling Up Spirits
8 Blue Wave Theory Lava Spout Live at Waynestock II Jackson, NJ 07-17-10.
9 Eastburne Ladies Camp Freddie Marmalade Skies Volume 1
10 Tintern Abbey Vacuum Cleaner The Psychedelic Scene
11 Electric 69 American Town Marmalade Skies Volume 1
12 The Curiosity Shoppe Baby I Need You The Psychedelic Scene
13 The Index Eight Miles High The Index
14 Kaptain Kopter & The Fabulous Twirlybirds Downer Kaptain Kopter & The Fabulous Twirlybirds
15 Iron Butterfly Iron Butterfly Theme Heavy
16 Babylonian Tiles Teknicolour Aftermath Teknicolour Aftermath
17 Iron Butterfly Possession Heavy
18 Babylonian Tiles Watching The Hourglass Live from the Album What Do Your Parents Think Of The Colours You Enjoy
19 Kaleidoscope Sky Children Tangerine Dream
20 Jeff Aug Bananna & Ant The Last Enlightening Moment Before Sleep Prevails
21 Babylonian Tiles Extended Holiday Live 1992
22 Babylonian Tiles Rain People Live 11-26-1994
23 Babylonian Tiles A Movie You Might Have Seen 95 Through 98 Tours
24 The Optic Nerve I See Truth Lotta Nerve
25 Ultimate Spinach Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess Ultimate Spinach
26 Babylonian Tiles Basking In The Sun At Midnight Basking In The Sun At Midnight
27 Babylonian Tiles Boulevard Live
28 Babylonian Tiles Far Far Away Industry Vs. Artistry
29 Babylonian Tiles Each Dying Breath Teknicolour Aftermath
30 Spirit Eventide The Model Shop
31 Doctor Phibes The Tin Woodman’s Dream Portable Darkness
32 Speed Limit 35 Mechanical Failure Suite – Abort/Reboot/Execute Speed Limit 35
33 Iggy Pop Innocent World Naughty Little Doggie
34 Blue Wave Theory Labyrinth Blue Wave Theory
35 Ultimate Spinach Mind Flowers Behold & See
36 Blue Wave Theory Mermaid In Japan Blue Wave Theory

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