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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Mad Agnes A Place This Quiet Revenant (
2 Dave Van Ronk Down & Out…Mack the Knife Live @ Sir Geo Wms U (Justin-Time)
3 ______________________ The Pearls Sunday Street (Philo)
4 Patrick St Music for a Found Harmonium Live (Green Linnet)
5 Jody Marshall 3 Sisters of Erin Cottage in the Glen (Magie’s Music)
6 Keltik Elektrik Trans-Highland Express Hotel Kaledonia (Greentrax)
7 Lindisfarne Born at the Right Time Here Comes the Neighbourhood (Park)
8 Lunasa Eanair Lunasa (Compass)
9 Jez Lowe/Jake Walton Patrick’s Song/Dance Two a Roue (
10 John Williams PJ’s Precocious Pachelbel Special Steam (GL)
11 Pint & Dale Come Down to Hilo Round the Corner (Waterbug)
12 Les Barker The Civilized World The War on Terrier (Mrs A)
13 Pete Seeger & Friends Bring Them Home Seeds – Pete Seeger Vol 3 (Appleseed)
14 Battlefield Band I Am the Common Man Anthem for the Common Man (Temple)
15 Rock Salt & Nails Romancing & Dancing Boxed (Iona)
16 Dr Angus MacDonald Roderick MacDonald’s Strathspey Piping Ctr Recital 3 (Temple)
17 Rich Cohen/Blues Prescription Who’s That Knockin? Oasis Blues (Oasis)
18 The Wildwood Locked Up ___________ (_____)
19 Mighty Sam McClain Just Wanna Be __________ (_____)
20 The Human Project Jimmy’s Juke Joint __________ (_____)
21 Carol McComb Little Bit of Heaven Little Bit of Heaven (Hazelwood)
22 Lenore The Hippie Song Another Life (Elaine)
23 Eric Andersen Thirsty Boots Waves (Appleseed)
24 Hilary Spencer I’m a Lady Policeman Other Roads/Other Lives (Strawberry)
25 Erik Balkey Winter When She Goes Sanctuary Rd (
26 Isabelle De Lage The Inundation The Inundation (
27 Jack Williams A Natural Man Walkin’ Dreams (Wind River)
28 Cary Cooper Yellow Yellow (Hudson Harding)
29 Tim Harrison Pack Up Your Sorrows Grey County (2nd Avenue)
30 Christine Lavin Winter in Manhattan Folkzinger (Appleseed)
31 Willie Nininger On a Winter’s Night _______________ (North Star)
32 Anais Mitchell 1984 Hymns for the Exiled (Waterbug)
33 Val & Walt Crockett This Whole Town Long Live Album (Big Bark)
34 Robert Bobby Lucinda Williams Mister Joe (I Like Ike)
35 Antje Duvekot Dublin Boys Boys Flowers Miles (
36 Jamie Anderson Faith A Promise of Light (Tsunami)
37 Brooks Williams Birth of the True Nectar (Signature Sounds)
38 Boot The Mona Sister Virvla (Northside)
39 Jane Sapp Freedom is a Constant Struggle Movin’ On (Pyramid)
40 Saffire Ain’t Gonna Hush ___________ (Alligator)
41 Persephone’s Bees Climbing Notes from the Underworld (Columbia)
42 Jones & Laura Nothin’ for Nothin’ Journey Home (Rounder)
43 Cormac McCarthy Curious Thing in the Middle Curious Thing (Rakish Tilt)
44 Rod MacDonald Love is the Common Ground Tale of 2 Americas (Wind River)
45 Doug & Telisha Williams SW Virginia Blues Rope Around My Heart (No Evil)
46 Russ Seeger If You See Her Say Hello Bob Dylan Uncovered (Paradiddle)
47 Jason Myles Goss Far From Home Another Ghost (
48 Dana Cooper Pretty Boy Floyd Made of Mud (King Easy)
49 Chris Thile The Wrong Idea Deceiver (Sugar Hill)
50 Deborah Holland Bad Girl Once… Soccer Mom Now (Rage On)
51 Robin & Linda Williams Honky Tonk Nation Sugar for Sugar (Sugar Hill)
52 Vince Bell Folksong Live in Texas (
53 Ollabelle High on a Mountain Riverside Battle Songs (Verve)
54 Doc Watson Country Blues Trouble in Mind (Sugar Hill)

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