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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Buena Vista Social Club El Carretero At Carnegie Hall
2 Blue Sausage Infant Sound For Dreams Locust Hit the Ground Screaming
3 The Fall Two Librans The Unutterable
4 Plastic People Of the Universe Jednou Nohou Francovka
5 Eeyore Caste Traitor Cry Timber Eeyore Caste Traitor LP
6 Pilesar You Know I Hate Okra Radio Friendly
7 Pilesar Umbrella Radio Friendly
8 Lee Renaldo Drift 4 Melt
9 Sloth Falafel Seven Inch
10 Entfred Doubling The Dose First tape
11 Sludgecrypt Diarhea Lipstick Seven Inch
12 Jack Hertz/Quisp Quake Black Sunday Halloween 2010 Collaboration excerpt
13 Eugene Chadbourne Song Of Good Health Treason
14 The Gruntled You Look Like A Cretin In That Cap 2004-2008
15 Wevie Stonder Cafe Con Lecce Eat Your Own Ears
16 The Brown Cuts Neighbors Embryonic Choo Choo Eerie Bazaar
17 Colon On the Cob Underwater Fight To The Finnish Eerie Bazaar
18 Hemorrhoy Rogers Captain John Smiths Diary Eerie Bazaar
19 Ene Paulie’s theme Eerie Bazaar
20 Anachronauts Perpetual Motion Eerie Bazaar
21 Eeyore Gorilla Cookies The White Cricket Eerie Bazaar
22 Breathilizor Explosion of Strangulation Eerie Bazaar
23 Isaac Hayes & Adam Parfrey Theme From SWAT SWAT: Deep Inside A Cops Mind
24 Kingdom Scum Superchurch God Eat God
25 Caroliner ?? Strike them Hard and Drag them to Church
26 Coloboma No Cover Charge I Say Again
27 TL0741 Epitaxy Magnetic Injuries
28 Paul Kidney Experience Tardigrades Radio Transmissions
29 Eeyore Caste Traitor The Pastures Of Your Abandoned Soul Eeyore Caste Traitor
30 Eugene Chadbourne Water Song Treason CD
31 Cows A Oven Whorn
32 Pain Teens New Age King God Cassette
33 Gang Of Pork Clone City/Little Sip Of Draino/His Day How To Kill Frank Sinatra
34 Apocalypse Theater Rose Red How to Worship Mosquitos
35 Teenage Larvae Linet Songs For Pigs
36 World Of Speed Eating Maya How To Kill Frank Sinatra
37 Current 93 God Has Three Faces & Wood Has No Name Portable Altamont Compilation
38 tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE Western Electric Jacksonian March Anthologies
39 Gland Puppies Dr. Microwave How To Worship Mosquitos
40 Frankie & The SEMM I Hear Myself Screaming CD
41 The Bevis Frond Rat In A Waistcoat Bevis Through the Looking Glass

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