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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Dystopia Sleep The Aftermath
2 Soundgarden Nazi Driver Ultramega OK
3 Black Sabbath ST. Vitus Dance Vol. 4
4 NOCNITSA Slit Throats In The Mirror Live @ the Talking Head
5 TAD Wood Goblins Salt Lick/God’s Balls
6 Cows Hitting The Wall Peacetika
7 Ozzy. Suicide Solution Blizzard Of Ozz
8 Melvins Zodiac Bullhead
9 NIRVANA Very Ape In Utero
10 Celtic Frost (Beyond the) North Winds To Mega Therion
11 Death Regurgitated Guts Scream Bloody Gore
12 Carcass No Love Lost Wake Up And Smell The Carcass
13 EYEHATEGOD Run It Into The Ground In The Name Of Suffering
14 Mama Tick Horsedoctor Horsedoctor 7″
15 Janitor Joe Flyblown Lucky
16 Shank Jesus Christ Save The Animals The Curse of Shank
17 Spazz Now With 50 Percent More Pants Shitting Crush, Kill, Destroy
18 Shank Adhesive the Equipment The Curse of Shank
19 Spazz Spudboy Sweatin’ To The Oldies
20 Bad Brains Soulcraft Quickness
21 Dystopia Socialized Death Sentence The Aftermath
22 Melvins Billy Fish Nude With Boots
23 Alice in Chains Sunshine Facelift
24 Ol’ Scratch Bottom Basement In Nex Illic Est Vita
25 Pentagram Forever My Queen First Daze Here
26 Electric Wizard We Hate You Dopethrone
27 NOOTHGRUSH Sysyphus Narrow Way Erode The Person
28 High on Fire Master of Fists High OnFire
29 Cannibal Corpse Addicted to Vaginal Skin Tomb Of The Mutilated
30 Rammer Living Torment Cancer
31 Slayer Hallowed Point Seasons in the Abyss
32 DEICIDE Slave To The Cross Serpents of the Light

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