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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 hot chip shake a fist made in the dark
2 !!! all my heroes are weirdos myth takes
3 lali puna grin and bear faking the books
4 architecture in helsinki heart it races places like this
5 the boy least likely to a balloon on a broken string the law of the playground
6 georgie james cake parade places
7 darlings friends forever yeah i know
8 vaselines jesus wants me for a sunbeam the way of the vaselines
9 vivian girls such a joke vivian girls
10 belle and sebastian she’s losing it tigermilk
11 yo la tengo if it’s true popular songs
12 god help the girl musician, please take heed god help the girl
13 the ghost is dancing this thunder battles on
14 a faulty chromosome what? a faulty chromosome
15 blonde redhead sw 23
16 emily haines and the soft skeleton detective daughter knives don’t have your back
17 such great heights (cover) iron and wine around the well disc 1
18 nina nastasia brad haunts a party on leaving
19 tunng bullets good arrows
20 royal bangs tiny prince of keytar let it beep
21 snowglobe ms june (remastered) no need to light a night light on a night like tonight
22 deerhoof spiral golden town green cosmos
23 le loup beach town family
24 desolation wilderness boardwalk theme new universe
25 cermony (cover) xiu xiu remixed and covered
26 dm stith creekmouth heavy ghost
27 telephone jim jesus birdstatic anywhere out of the everything
28 black dice cowboy soundcheck load blown
29 dan deacon snookered bromst
30 mogwai i know you are but what am i happy songs for happy people
31 black moth super rainbow trees and colors and wizards start a people
32 kraftwerk computerwelt computerwelt
33 laurie anderson o superman (for massenet) big science
34 volcano choir sleepymouth unmap
35 leila norweigan wood blood looms & blooms
36 mirah while we have the sun (a)spera
37 four tet hands rounds
38 lupine howl lonely roads the carnivorous lunar activities of lupine howl

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