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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 One Night Only Say You Don’t Want It (The opening scene/party)
2 Willl Loconto Elf Song (Running from the cops through the woods)
3 Hole Malibu Celebrity Skin (In the restaurant)
4 Malice Mizer Bara no Souretsu Beast of Blood (News of kidnapping, and journey into Faerie)
5 Until the Sunrise Insomnia (First day in Faerie)
6 The Birthday Massacre Horror Show Violet (First glimpse of caste system between fey and humans)
7 Benjamin Link Skyway Goblin (Theme for Archie Pig)
8 The Dresden Dolls The Gardener (The injection)
9 Until the Sunrise Midnight (The next day in Faerie)
10 Tommy Eyre and Scarlet Rivera The White Sails (Drowning)
11 Tori Amos Caught A Lite Sneeze Boys for Pele (Being dragged around by a spell)
12 David Arkenstone Dance of the Maidens Quest of the Dream Warrior (Walking through the ballroom)
13 Qntal All For One Qntal IV: Ozymandias (the second party with the Magnificent)
14 The Deadfly Ensemble Midsummer William An Entire Wardrobe of Doubt and Uncertainty (Various scenes)
15 Makarij (Crawling through the secret passageway)
16 Queen The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke/Nevermore Queen II (The trial)
17 Nightwish Feel For You Century Child
18 Loreena McKennitt Santiago The Mask and the Mirror (the half-fey party)
19 Pharayde Runnin’ (In the quarry)
20 Angelspit As It Is In Heaven Hideous and Perfect (Dismemberment by chainsaw)
21 Plants and Animals Faerie Dance Parc Avenue (The End)
22 Emilie Autumn What If Enchant
23 Ayria Six Seconds On All Sides The Gun Song
24 How to Destroy Angels The Space in Between How to Destroy Angels
25 QED Hardly A Day Mobius

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