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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Electric Candle Travesty LTD Interview “Turn on, tune in and let us groove.”
2 Moutain To My Friend Climbing
3 Frigid Pink I’m On My Way Self Titled
4 Space Cossacks The Space Victory Theme Never Mind The Bolsheviks
5 Travesty LTD Station Break (Vince’s Hubcap World) Teen Comedy Party 2000
6 Johnny & The Headhunters Long White Caddilac Self Titled
7 Beck, Bogert & Appicie Livin’ Alone Self Titled
8 Every Mothers Son Come And Take A Ride In My Boat Self Titled
9 Mermen Soul Surfin’ Krill’ Slippin’
10 The Apples In Stereo What’s The #? Tone Soul Evolution
11 Firesign Theatre Nick Danger Third Eye How Can You Be In Two Places At Once, When You’re Not Anywhere At All
12 Alice Cooper Under My Wheels Killer
13 The Blues Magoos Tobacco Road Psychedelic Lollipop
14 Travesty LTD Rock & Roll Doctor Teen Comedy Party 2000
15 Deep Purple Mandrake Root Shades Of Deep Purple
16 Spirit Clear Clear
17 Travesty LTD Station Break (Brunos Bun City) Teen Comedy Party 2000
18 Frank Zappa Ship Ahoy Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar Some More
19 Frank Zappa Susie Cream Cheese Uncle Meat
20 Frank Zappa Louie Louie At Albert Hall Uncle Meat
21 Frank Zappa Mother People We’re Only In It For The Money
22 Frank Zappa Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny We’re Only In It For The Money
23 Spirit Tarus Self Titled
24 Travesty LTD Interview WMUC Radio 88.1FM
25 Travesty LTD Dwayne Stomp Teen Comedy Party 2000
26 Spirit Ice Clear
27 Travesty LTD All About Music Teen Comedy Party 2000
28 Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Frenzy
29 Godley & Creme Snack Attack Ismism
30 Travesty LTD Snack Shack Teen Comedy Party 2000
31 Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band with The Rootettes Dare To Be Fat Zoom
32 Mermen Ocean Beach Food For Other Fish
33 Travesty LTD Interview
34 Little Feat Rock & Roll Doctor Hoy-Hoy
35 Travesty LTD Rock & Roll Doctor Teen Comedy Party 2000
36 Travesty LTD At The Record Store Teen Comedy Party 2000
37 Asylum Street Spankers My Favorite Record Title Track
38 Travesty LTD Famous Truckdrivers’ School Of Songwriting Teen Comedy Party 2000
39 Travesty LTD Savin’ My Heart For Parts Teen Comedy Party 2000
40 Mason Williams You Done Stomp On My Heart Listening Matter
41 Della & The Detectives Drake On The Move Single
42 Travesty LTD Station Break Teen Comedy Party 2000
43 Travesty LTD Donald Dearest (Brunos Bun City) Single
44 Rich West Mellow Muslim Lost And Found
45 Travesty LTD Death Jam 80 Teen Comedy Party 2000
46 Travesty LTD (Subliminal Satanic Message) Teen Comedy Party 2000
47 Travesty LTD Love Talk Radio Cassette
48 Travesty LTD Omni Man Teen Comedy Party 2000
49 Travesty LTD Flem Office Systems Teen Comedy Party 2000
50 Travesty LTD Strange But False Teen Comedy Party 2000
51 Travesty LTD Rock Arvhives, Part One Teen Comedy Party 2000
52 Travesty LTD Dr. Schill’s Ear Spray Teen Comedy Party 2000
53 The Chipmunks Whip It Chipmunk Rock
54 Travesty LTD Rock Arvhives, Part Two Teen Comedy Party 2000
55 Travesty LTD Tony Rosatoni Teen Comedy Party 2000
56 Travesty LTD Uncle Lars Laugh Factory Teen Comedy Party 2000
57 Gov’t Mule Nothing Again High And Mighty – 2006
58 The Who Fragments Endless Wire – 2006
59 Thea Gilmore Red, White, & Black Harpo’s Ghost – 2006
60 The Band Two Piano Song A Musical History – 2005
61 Homer & Jethro She Made Toothpicks Of The Timber Of My Heart Ooh That’s Corny
62 Johnny Cash Flushed from The Bathroom Of My Heart At Folsom Prison
63 Robert Earl Keen, Jr. It’s The Little Things West Textures
64 The Notorious Cherry Bombs It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long Self Titled
65 Thompall Glaser Put Another Log On The Fire Wanted! The Outlaws
66 Hoyt Axton You’re The Hangnail In My Life (And I Can’t Bite You Off) Snowblind Friend
67 Lonnie Mack Things Have Gone To Peices Whatever’s Right
68 Steve Goodman You Never Even Call My Name No Big Surprise
69 Dick Dale Haji (Electric)

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