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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Mad Caddies Last Breath Just one More
2 The Slackers I’d Rather Die Happy Peculiar
3 Catch22 12341234 Keasbey Nights
4 The BiG My Culture Whatever Makes You Happy
5 Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution They Provide the Paint for the Picture-Perfect Masterpiece that you will Paint on the Insides of you A Call to Arms
6 Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution Dear Sergio: A Call to Arms
7 The Pietasters Step Right Up Turbo
8 Reel Big Fish New York New York Cheer Up!
9 Reel Big Fish Slow Down Monkeys for Nothin’ and the Chimps for Free
10 Legitimate Business A New Era First World Problems
11 Big D and the Kids Table Good Luck Good Luck
12 Dance Hall Crashers Cricket Purr
13 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Stroke of Fate Answer
14 Arrogant Sons of Bitches Yeah I Don’t Know what it’s Like to be Around a Bunch of Hipsters Three Cheers for Disappointment
15 Mad Caddies Drinking for 11 Just one More
16 Mad Caddies Whatcha Gonna Do Keep it Going
17 The Mighty Might Bosstones Favourite Records Medium Rare
18 The Slackers Alone Again The Question
19 The Slackers Come Back Baby Redlight
20 Nix86 Peter Pan Syndrome Demo 2009
21 Bomb the Music Industry! Even Winning Feels Bad Goodbye Cool World
22 Bomb the Music Industry! All Alone in my Big Lonely Apartment Goodbye Cool World
23 Vic Ruggiero Animales Alive at the Ladybug House
24 High School Football Heroes Don’t Come Around Anymore We’ve Fooled Around Long Enough!
25 High School Football Heroes The Voices in your Head We’ve Fooled Around Long Enough!

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