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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Iron Maiden Wasted Years
2 Running Wild Demonized
3 Powervice Behold the hand of glory From Netherlands and featured on Heavy Metal Killers!
4 Candlemass Black Dwarf
5 Mercyful Fate Doomed by the living dead
6 Razor Speed Merchants
7 Metalucifer Northern Heros New album “Heavy Metal Bulldozer” finallly outttttttttt
8 Sabbat Evil Nations
9 Death 1000 Eyes
10 Deathhammer Graveyard Necromancy New band from Norway and their logo is already on Darkthrone’s FOAD cover
11 Trouble Assassin
12 Hammerfall Any Means Necessary New album “No Sacrifice, No Victory”
13 Em Ruinas Son of Hell (Hammer’s Trial) New band from Brazil, total old school!
14 Gamma Ray Hell is Thy Home
15 Grim Reapr Wrath of the Ripper
16 Metallica Damage Inc March Metallica Madness this Saturday! At WMUC radio staion! come!
17 Judas Priest Metal Meltdown
18 Relentless Dead but Wide Awake March Metallica Madness this Saturday! At WMUC radio staion! come!
19 Cage Hell Destroyer New album “Science of Annihilation” coming in April
20 Unpure(Swe) Foolspell
21 Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
22 Unconsecrated The Curse of Evocation Spanish Old School Swedish Death Metal
23 At the Gates City of Screaming Statues Off their first demo “Gardens of Grief”. Quite different
24 Possessed The Exorcist Maybe the best
25 Slayer Haunting the Chapel
26 Speedtrap Cry of the Raven Finnish New Speed metal band. Very good.
27 Manowar Shell Shock
28 Slaughter Nocturnal Hell
29 Gama Bomb Zombie Creeping Flesh
30 Iron Maiden Different World

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