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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Spank Rock Race Riot on the Dance Floor
2 Oxes Say Something to Bees About the Lion in the Alley
3 Oxes Say Something to Bees About Not Praying and Don’t Bothering
4 Oxes Cerebral Dick Hemmorhage
5 Oxes Fallopian Boobs
6 Oxes Rough Gay at the Office
7 Black Ladies The Real Jurassic Park
8 Q and not U Ten Thousand Animal Calls
9 Ponytail Music Tunes
10 Sick Weapons If You Love Me Take Me to the Hospital
11 Thank You Strange All
12 Thank You Continental Divide
13 Thank You Can’t/Can
14 Pavement Type Slowly
15 Radiohead Codex
16 Rapdragons Big Dreamers
17 Polvo Thermal Treasure
18 Sea Otters Sex Pony
19 Shrag The Habit Creep
20 Microkingdom Wrenches: My Heart
21 Matmos Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan
22 Ed Schrader Beautiful Transvestite in the Rain
23 Neon Blud Neon Wounds/Puncture 4 Pleasure
24 The Nation of Ulysses Diptheria
25 Swell Maps Another Song
26 Black Eyes Someone Has His Fingers Broken
27 Fugazi Place Position
28 Lightning Bolt Diet of Grapes and Nuts
29 Double Dagger Luxury Condos for the Poor (Extended)
30 Secret Mountains Rejoice

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