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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Cows Heave Ho Cunning Stunts CD
2 Plastic People Of The Universe Pisen Brance Francovka CD
3 Chinese Stars The TV Grows Arms 12 Inch
4 Zoviet France Soft and Close By Me V/A Melt
5 Primitive Calculators Love The Shape Of Sound Vol. 1, Melbourne Australia
6 Jeff Carey’s Moha! Progorama (Premix) Seven Inch
7 Eeyore Collage N/A From How to Worship Mosquitos Cassette
8 Violet Interior Ghosts Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers CD
9 Myo Shit idk “pidgin’s” V/A: Sonic Circuits DC Presents District of Noise
10 Myo Lets See You Transform Outta This One Mother Fucker V/A: Sonic Circuits DC Presents District of Noise Vol. 2
11 Pilesar It’s A Surprise Radio Friendly CD
12 Pilesar Crazy With You Radio Friendly CD
13 Pilesar No Good For Eyeballs Radio Friendly CD
14 Pilesar Dog Walkin’ Radio Friendly CD
15 Blue Sausage Infant The New Phone Books Are Here Locust Hit The Ground Screaming
16 Blue Sausage Infant Centipede Rising Locust Hit The Ground Screaming
17 Astma Dom Session 1 Feat. Anton Nikila
18 Paul Kidney Experience It Lives In The Grease Trap The Shape Of Sound Vol. 1, Melbourne Australia
19 Paul Kidney Experience Track 3 Live for “The Score” PBS FM, Melbourne Australia 1/28/11
20 Paul Kidney Experience Track 4 The Shape Of Sound Vol. 1, Melbourne Australia
21 Steven Wright Excerpt from I Have A Pony LP
22 Bum Creek Bollywood V/A: New Weird Australia Vol. 7 The Sound Of Young Canberra
23 Story Of Atari Asteroids Side A of Storybook Seven Inch
24 Entfred Leroy Comes Home Untitled (First cASSette)
25 Wevie Stonder Stork/The Duel Eat Your Own Ears
26 Les Levine Would Not Say No To Some Help V/A: Revolutions Per Minute, The Art Record
27 Oliver Squash He Died On Tuesday Spaced Cassette
28 Bomb Threat Featuring Uncle Ronnie & The Pressed Corpse Bomb Threat Space Meat Show Cassette Compilation
29 Kingdom of Sharks & They Track 4 Ghosts of Nottoway CD
30 Rudimentary Peni Cosmic Plague The EP’s of RP
31 Artless Entanglements How’s the Blood Taste Cracks In The Sidewalk Compilation LP
32 Food UFO Cool Beans! #5 Texas Companion CD
33 Volkswhale Jimi V/A: How To Kill Frank Sinatra Cassette Comp.
34 Hoyt Axton & Adam Parfrey The Pusher SWAT: Deep Inside A Cops Mind Compilation
35 Giant Sand Overture/(well) Dusted For the Milennium Chore Of Enchantment LP
36 The Fastest Headshrinkers Splurt Space Meat Show Cassette Compilation
37 Evolution Control Committee Hurdy Gurdy Men Gunderphonics Cassette
38 Bleed The Goon Motor Psycho CD
39 Holy Rodent Gun$, Guitar$ and VCR$ How To Worship Mosquitos Cassette Compilation
40 Randy Grief Excerpt from Side B Bacteria & Gravity LP
41 Gun Club Lupita Screams In Exile CD
42 Bevis Frond Window Eye Inner Marshland LP
43 Bevis Frond Once More Inner Marshland LP

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