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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Jack Hertz/Quisp Quake Black Sunday (Excerpt) Black Sunday CD
2 Scott Larson/IEA Large Metal Objects Moving Thru Space Jacksonian March Anthologies Cassette Compilation
3 Coloboma Col. Barker’s Beer I Say Again CD
4 Unknown Persian Seven Inch 45rpm Unknown Persian Seven Inch 45rpm Unknown Persian Seven Inch 45rpm
5 Entfred Taking Medicines Untitled Cassette
6 Blue Sausage Infant Embryo Returning Locust Hit the Ground Screaming CD
7 The Gruntled Goat Hugger (An Interactive Melody) 2004-2008 CD
8 Killdozer Hush For Ladies Only LP
9 Lisa Germano A Beautiful Schizophrenic Excerpts From A Love Circus CD
10 Payne Rush & Simpson Highway Patrol SWAT: Deep Inside A Cop’s Mind
11 Jimmy Carroll Orchestra Song From The Movie Pepe (both sides) Seven Inch 45 rpm on Golden Records
12 Gum Yummy Superbuckingswirl District of Noise Vol. 3 CD
13 Black Flag Rats Eyes Slip It In LP
14 Kingdom Scum Desecrating My Very Nature God Eat God CD
15 American Meglomania Society Used to Love Playing Harmonica Space Meat Show Cassette Compilation
16 Motorhead` Metropolis Live: No Sleep till Hammersmith LP
17 Pilesar Umbrella Radio Friendly CD
18 Pilesar Tofu Dynamite Radio Friendly CD
19 Pilesar Frank and Verner Radio Friendly CD
20 Pain Teens Geraldo 666 King God Cassette
21 God Bullies Magical Butterfly War On Everybody LP
22 Another Headache Russolo Melt Compilation CD
23 Swans Anything For You (Hang Me) Smack My Crack Compilation LP
24 Vic Chesnutt Scratch Scratch Scratch The Salesman And Bernadette CD
25 Eugene Chadbourne Bird Song Treason CD
26 Boy In Love I Don’t Want To Diet How to Kill Frank Sinatra Cassette Compilation
27 Captain Beefheart Hot Head Doc At The Radar Station LP
28 Naughty Ded Head & The Gothic Hair Freak Art Fags Special Towell How to Kill Frank Sinatra Cassette Compilation
29 Scratch Acid This Is Bliss Berserker EP
30 Coil Meaning What Exactly? Portable Altamont Compilation CD
31 Unknown Persian Seven Inch 45rpm Unknown Persian Seven Inch 45rpm Unknown Persian Seven Inch 45rpm
32 Vicenzo Agnetti Pieces Of Sound Revolutions Per Minute: The Art Record Compilation LP
33 Various Artists Everythings Alright Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack LP
34 Tom Waits Everything Goes To Hell Blood Money CD
35 Voi Vod Condemned To The Gallows Metal Massacre V Compilation LP
36 Ripping Dylans Nocturne Fink CD EP
37 Helios Creed Tele-Vision Planet X LP
38 Giant Sand Center Of The Universe Center Of The Universe CD
39 Ghostwriter Idle Hands Wreck The City/Simplify Your Life LP
40 Pete Townsend & Adam Parfrey We Can See For Miles SWAT: Deep Inside A Cops Mind
41 Dwarves Lesbian Nun Dope Guns And Fucking In the Streets Volumes 4-7 Compilation LP
42 The Fall Bad News Girl I Am Kurious Oranj CD
43 63 Eyes Leave It To The Scientists Look In For Mothmen LP
44 Nurse With Wound Human Human Human Portable Altamont Compilation CD
45 The Bevis Frond Will To Lose The Aunti Winnie Album LP
46 Laibach Excerpt from MacBeth MacBeth LP

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