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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 Blue Sausage Infant Motion Parallax Negative Space LP
2 The Books Group Autogenics 1 The Way Out CD
3 Steve Fitch In the Neighborhood V/A: A Texas Trip Compilation LP
4 David Torn Nursing Emphysema The David Torn Collection CD
5 Wevie Stonder Stork Eat Your Own Ears LP
6 Jack Hertz/Quisp Quake Black Sunday (exerpt) Black Sunday CD
7 Randy Grief Gravity IV: Mud and Below Bacteria And Gravity LP
8 Whiskey Daredevils Last Guest List Introducing the Whiskey Daredevils CD
9 Reptile Palace Orchestra Tin Agape Hwy X CD
10 Einsturzende Neubauten Ich Bins Fuenf Auf Der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala LP
11 Stolen Government Binder Clip Safety Message/The Helicopter U Can Touch Completely Naked Cassette
12 Nurse With Wound Psychedelic Underground Portable Altamont Compilation LP
13 Pilesar Slight Case Of Clown Radio Friendly CD
14 Pilesar Dicyclomine Radio Friendly CD
15 Pilesar Began the Ham Radio Friendly CD
16 Pilesar Gator Wrasslin’ Radio Friendly CD
17 Arab Radar Attack On Tijuana Queen Hygiene CD
18 Breathilizor Hell Of An Uncomfortable Nature Seven Inch split w/ Kolob Trust Fund
19 Rabid Bat Sabbath Live @ Deej Fest Canton, OH 7/2/11 MP3
20 Terry Fox Internal Sound Revolutions Per Minute: The Art Record compilation LP
21 Hasil Adkins Chicken Shake Seven Inch
22 Entfred Jumpin’ For Joy Entfred cASSette
23 Swans Beautiful Child Children of God LP
24 Barry Gray Orchestra Joe 90 Theme Song No Strings Attached 10 Inch
25 God Bullies Automaker War On Everybody CD
26 Puff Tube Quarkness, Strangeness & Charm YouTube
27 Jungle Odyssey Hyena Hippies Jungle Odyssey LP
28 Gland Puppies My Half Brother, Vomit, Keeps Saying Clotwurst How To Worship Mosquitos cassette compilation
29 Sloth Face First/Ode To Minch Split Seven Inch with Minch
30 Cowslingers Cheap Trucker Speed Americana-A-GoGo CD
31 Giacomo Ballo Discusion D Information Compilation LP
32 Unknown Unknown Unknown Persian Seven Inch
33 Bad Livers I’m Losing Blood & Mood CD
34 Jane Bond & The Undercovermen Stuff We’re Not Supposed To Know Neighborhood Rhythms (Patter Traffic) Compilation 2X LP
35 Pussy Galore Pig Sweat Right Now! CD
36 Coil Wrong Eye Portable Altamont Compilation CD
37 The Locust Get Off The Cross, The Wood Is Needed Split Seven Inch w/Arab On Radar
38 The Locust Wet Nurse Syndrome Hand Me Down Display Case Split Seven Inch w/Arab On Radar
39 The Locust This Is Radio Surgery Split Seven Inch w/Arab On Radar
40 The Locust Spitting In The Faces Of fools As A Source Of Nutrition Split Seven Inch w/Arab On Radar
41 The Locust Sever The Toes Split Seven Inch w/Arab On Radar
42 Bevis Frond Oh Gideon Sprawl CD
43 Cows Dear Dad The Missing Letter Is You 10 Inch
44 Vox Pop Paint It Black Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods compilation LP
45 Voi Vod Killing Technology Killing Technology LP
46 The Books Group Autogenics II The Way Out CD
47 The Fall Living Too Late 12 Inch

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