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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 hellnation green to gray
2 judge hold me back
3 gorilla biscuits hold your ground
4 impact unit dead meat
5 DYS city to city
6 minor threat bottled violence
7 misfits where eagles dare
8 NOTA keeping you out
9 the trouble grasping the straws
10 token entry antidote
11 youth brigade point of view
12 youth of today youth of today
13 riff raff cold stare
14 uncurbed choked in shit
15 behind enemy lines why does she stay?
16 bad brains pay to cumz
17 government issue anarchy is dead
18 black market baby america’s youth
19 artifical peace wastland
20 DRI i’d rather be sleeping
21 crispus attucks if not p then q
22 knife fight what have you done
23 knife fight who are you
24 agnostic front united blood
25 sick of it all injustice system
26 street trash street trash
27 the adolescents creatures
28 white cross jump
29 wasted time hostage
30 avail simple song
31 koro governement
32 warkrime urban problems
33 violent minds violent minds
34 sick pleasure speed rules
35 attitude adjustment dead serious
36 verbal abuse disintegration
37 highscore sell me a dream
38 urban waste police brutality
39 warzone were the crew
40 last rites so ends our night
41 the FUS the grinder
42 gang green kill a commie
43 frear i don’t care about you
44 circle jerks i don’t carea bout you
45 7 seconds heavy metal jocks
46 agent orange

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