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# Artist Track Album / Comment
1 PENTAGRAM Death Row Relentless
2 Cathedral Soul Sacrifice Soul Sacrifice (EP)
3 Mammoth Grinder Total Extinction Extinction Of Humanity
4 Gruntruck Buried Inside Yours / (For Demonstration Purposes)
5 Initial State Pagan Prayer Abort The Soul
6 Damad Kick In The South Burning Cold
7 Skarp Requiem Requiem
8 EYEHATEGOD Methamphetamine Dopesick
9 Buzzov*en Vagabond The Gospel According…II
10 GG Allin 99 Stab Wounds / Decapitation Rights Murder Junkies
11 Revolta Thought Police Thought Police EP
12 Celtic Frost Visions of Mortality Morbid Tales
13 Doom Money Drug Total Doom
14 Refused Deadly Rhythm The Shape Of Punk To Come
15 NOOSEBOMB Hell Bent For Retirement Brainfood For the Braindead
16 Cruevo Black Maria Crushers Killers Destroyers Comp.
17 Bad Brains Regulator Black Dots
18 Melvins She Waits Deep Six
19 Melvins Grinding Process Deep Six
20 Prong Persecution Primitive Origins
21 Kylesa Point of Stillness Kylesa
22 Alpinist Rost Minus.Mensch
23 Forgotten Tomb No Way Out Songs To Leave
24 Impaled Masters of Ordure The Last Gasp
25 DEICIDE I Am No One Serpents of the Light
26 Charger Class War? Wake Up! A Call to Arms
27 Depressor The Fight Depressor/Unholy Grave Split
28 Sepultura Altered State Arise
29 NAILBOMB Wasting Away Point Blank
30 Rebreather Dirt Bishop Half Speed Ahead
31 Deadbird Illuminating the Decay The Head and the Heart
32 Eagle Twin And It Came to Pass That Birds Rain Down As Black Snakes The Unkindness of Crows
33 Carnage Torn Apart Dark Recollections
34 Carcinogen Society Impotent Demo
35 Dystopia Anger Brought By Disease The Aftermath
36 Dahmer John Wayne Gacy Dahmerized
37 Mortician Fleshripper Chainsaw Dismemberment
38 Flesh Parade Bite and Get In It Kill Whitey
39 Flesh Parade ‘Bout Had It Kill Whitey
40 Kent Brockman A Fact You Cant Ignore Crustcoreviolence EP
41 Hellnation Cancer Ornament Control
42 Shank Non-Beatific The Curse of Shank
43 Extortion Just A Matter Of Time Terminal Cancer
44 Noose Body/Mind Demo 2009
45 Lotus Fucker Lotus Blooms Twice Lotus Fucker LP
46 Coke Bust FBC Fuck Bar Culture
47 Despise You PCP Scapegoat PCP Scapegoat 7″
48 Hatred Surge Monster Isolated Human EP
49 Anthrax I Am The Law Among The Living
50 Anthrax NFL Among The Living
51 Mastodon Mother Puncher Remission
52 Bison B.C. Die of Devotion Dark Ages
53 Stake Off The Witch Deep Inside of Me and Deep Inside of You Medusa

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