Keith in Portland, Oregons says: "SUPPORT WMUC" – 100% Freeform College Radio – An Endagered Species

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Our long-time listener Keith, in Portland, Oregon says, “Support Freeform Radio!” Keith supports and listens to WMUC often. Keith routes WMUC’s audio stream to his home theater system for a “big sound”. Thanks Keith!

WMUC needs your support.

Donate to WMUC, the *only* freeform radio station in the Washington DC / Baltimore area and one of the few remaining freeform college radio stations in the United States. No donation is too small!

Make a tax deductible donation here:
Support WMUC

WMUC is a all volunteer student operated radio station and your donation directly supports our facilities. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

WMUC is the broadcast service of the University of Maryland in College Park.

“Turn on, tune in and let us groove.”

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