DVD Giveaway on The Blender! Every Thursday in August from 6-8 pm

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Because we love our listeners so much, “The Blender with Miss DJ Gemz and DJ Tony Drake” has linked up with Melee Entertainment to do a giveaway that will span the entire month of August! Every Tuesday from 6-8 PM EST you’ll have a chance to win your very own copy of “Love Chronicles – Secrets Revealed” starring Mike Epps, Rockmond Dunbar, Vivica Fox, Elise Neal, and Ving Rhames. Here’s a quick summary of the movie:

LOVE CHRONICLES, a romantic “dramedy”, is set at Los Angeles radio station KLUV, where callers air their dirty laundry over the airwaves for all to hear. Over the course of one crazy day, show host and “relationship expert” Darren (Rockmond Dunbar) and Janet (Vivica Fox) have had another one of their epic fights that threatens to end their marriage and make a joke of Darren’s career. At the radio station, street author Thomas Black (Mike Epps) advises cougar Monique (Elise Neal) how to stay married while DJ Mike V (Ving Rhames) helps out the good girl who falls for bad boy from the other side of the tracks.

On August 10th the director of the movie, Tyler Maddox-Simms, will call into “The Blender” to talk to about the movie. You’re definitely not going to want to miss this. Because prizes are limited, if you’re unable to win a copy from “The Blender” remember that you can always pick up a copy at Walmart or Walmart.com.

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