DJK's Psychedelics Lab – Back To School Edition

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DJK Psychedelics Lab Tune in to WMUC 88.1 FM at Noon to 3:00PM Sunday 09-12-10 to hear DJK fill in for Variety Is The Spice Of Life.

DJK is our former Program Director and is single handedly responsible for maintaining WMUC as a truly “Free Form” radio station. As a result WMUC is the only Free Form radio station left in the Washington DC area.

DJK has been a regular fill in for Variety Is The Spice and Electric Candle. From the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s DJK hosted Spiraling Asphasyia on WMUC. If you dig a mind-blowing, mind-expanding mix, DJK is not to be missed.

For this show DJK will host The Psychedelics Lab Back To School Edition featuring mind-bending / melt-your-face-off psychedelia.

All the crazed productions, fuzzed out wig flippers, freak-beat amp toppling mod madness and pure acid meltdown.

Check out DJK himself here:
Astronomy Dominatrix – DJK Myspace
And here:
DJK Facebook

From Noon to 3:00PM DJK will turn back the clocks and totally distort reality as you know it.

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