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Julia Burke

AIM: julialea15
Favorite Books: America beyond Capitalism, Cat’s Cradle, The Things They Carried, My Antonia, Crime and Punishment, A Prayer for Owen Meany, L’etranger, H.Potter.
Favorite Bands: Animal Collective, Of Montreal, Okkervil River, Radiohead, Motown, brand new, Sigur Ros.
Favorite Quotes: (I believe in the grammatical correctness of “quotation”) Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life. Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something. – Thoreau
Favorite Other WMUC Show: A walk in the Park
Other Info:
I like politics/music, as well as Mary Kate and Steve, so listen to Three\\\\’s A Party!!!

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Archived Playlists

Show Date Show Name Last Modified
02/28/08 Three's a Party 02/28/08 05:57:49
04/10/08 Three's a Party 04/10/08 06:04:48
04/24/08 Three's a Party 04/24/08 05:52:57
05/08/08 Three's a Party 05/08/08 05:57:15
10/02/08 insert radio show name here 10/02/08 15:52:22
06/09/09 Three's A Party 06/09/09 00:24:26
06/16/09 Three's A Party 06/16/09 01:01:59
06/23/09 Three's A Party 06/23/09 01:16:31
07/06/09 Transience v0.9 07/06/09 21:56:30
09/28/09 Three's A Party 09/28/09 17:58:22
10/19/09 Three's A Party 10/19/09 17:57:57

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