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Rudy Zamora

E-Mail: positiverudy [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: Ecksexex
Favorite Books: The Plague, The Fall, Martian Chronicles, Dandelion Wine, The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Favorite Bands: Turning Point, Rites of Spring, Embrace, Minor Threat, Murder by Death, Chain of Strength, Bane, Carry On, From Ashes Rise, Infest, Ten Yard Fight, By the Grace of God, HoldxTrue
Favorite Quotes: “Live in the now!” “Be most righteous” “When you gotta shoot, shoot, don’t talk”
Favorite Other WMUC Show: LEAVE THE HALL!
Other Info:
I sing in a band called Now Is The Time (link in My Homepage) and I’m involved in the local hardcore punk scene of Washington , D.C. I put on shows every now and then at WMUC and I like to support local acts. I graduated from UMD in May of ’05 and the kind folk here at WMUC continued to give me a show. I hope you like thrashy fast music and occasionally slow, intense jams, because that’s what I’ll be playing. Vinyl records will be the source of most of my tunes.

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Archived Playlists

Show Date Show Name Last Modified
02/18/06 Hold your Sound 02/18/06 23:53:15
02/25/06 Hold your Sound 02/25/06 23:57:02
03/04/06 Hold your Sound 03/05/06 00:08:40
03/11/06 Hold your Sound 03/11/06 23:58:05
03/18/06 Hold your Sound 03/19/06 00:10:12
03/25/06 Hold your Sound 03/25/06 23:56:23
04/01/06 Hold your Sound 04/01/06 23:59:34
04/08/06 Hold your Sound 04/08/06 23:53:58
04/15/06 Hold your Sound 04/15/06 23:46:25
04/22/06 Hold your Sound 04/22/06 23:52:45
04/29/06 Hold your Sound 04/29/06 23:57:46
05/06/06 Hold your Sound 05/06/06 23:46:34
05/13/06 Hold your Sound 05/13/06 23:59:28

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