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Dian Squire

E-Mail: dsquire [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: asianteacherman
Favorite Books: Organization and Administration of Higher Education? Grad school lends itself to no extracurricular brain food.
Favorite Bands: Arcade Fire, Athlete, Beck, The Bens, BEP, Bloc Party, Bravery, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!, Coldplay,Sufjan Stevens, New Pornographers, Spoon, Le Tigre, Darkness, Dashboard, Deatch Cab for Cutie, Erykah Badu, Franz Ferdinand, The Go! Team, Gorillaz, Guv’ner, Holst, Hot Hot Heat, Interpol, Jill Scott, Jimmy Eat World, Kanye West,Kelly Clarkson (my musical guilty pleasure), Keane, The Killers, Mates of State, Missy Elliot, Modest Mouse, The New Pornographers, Outkast, Postal Service, Rosebuds, Snow Patrol, Sugarcubes, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, We are Scientists, Weezer, Wolf Parade, Stephen Sufjans and more
Favorite Quotes: It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Radio Show Ate My Morning
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Archived Playlists

Show Date Show Name Last Modified
02/16/06 Equilibrium 02/16/06 08:20:51
02/23/06 Equilibrium 02/25/06 10:09:51
03/02/06 Equilibrium 03/02/06 07:53:29
04/06/06 Equilibrium 04/06/06 08:00:03
04/13/06 Equilibrium 04/13/06 07:57:04
04/20/06 Equilibrium 04/20/06 08:03:33
05/04/06 Equilibrium 04/27/06 22:07:18
05/11/06 Equilibrium 05/11/06 08:00:45
05/18/06 Equilibrium 05/18/06 08:00:17
05/25/06 Equilibrium 05/23/06 12:52:57
06/06/06 Equilibrium 06/06/06 13:58:08
06/13/06 Equilibrium 06/13/06 13:59:09
06/20/06 Equilibrium 06/20/06 13:58:00
06/27/06 Equilibrium 06/27/06 13:57:00

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