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Ike Obioha

E-Mail: bnnmicheal [at] yahoo [dot] com
AIM: ikedakidd01
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series, Guns Germs and Steel, Things Fall Apart
Favorite Bands: Jay-z, Notorious B.I.G, kanye west, Rakim, Nas, Big daddy kane, Fela kuti, Lagbaja, Outkast, elton john, the beatles, RadioHead, Justice, Daftpunk,Lupe fiasco, Jadakiss, kid cudi
Favorite Quotes: “you either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain”- harvey dent (the dark knight) “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof” -V ( V for Vendetta) “it gets tedious so i keep one eye open like CBS….can i live?” Jay-z (can i live) “when they reminisce over you” C.L Smooth (T.R.O.Y) “wettin happen” “aight bet” “…….1”
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony Drake
Other Info:
check me out on Uptown radio..we gets busy……. 1

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No playlists by Ike Obioha found in the current semester.

Archived Playlists

Show Date Show Name Last Modified
02/26/10 Uptown Radio 02/27/10 16:51:49
07/23/10 UPtown Radio 07/23/10 20:44:26
07/16/10 UPtown Radio 07/23/10 20:57:27
07/30/10 UPtown Radio 07/30/10 23:57:11
08/13/10 UPtown Radio 08/13/10 19:19:26
08/20/10 UPtown Radio 08/20/10 21:02:00
09/10/10 UPtown Radio 09/10/10 19:21:07
09/17/10 UPtown Radio 09/17/10 20:12:26
09/24/10 UPtown Radio 09/24/10 20:06:06
10/01/10 UPtown Radio 10/01/10 21:17:35
11/12/10 UPtown Radio 11/12/10 19:55:21
12/10/10 UPtown Radio 12/10/10 20:09:22
01/14/11 UPtown Radio 01/14/11 21:50:10

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