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DJ Clay

E-Mail: cfischer [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: zumrevo187
Favorite Books: guns, germs and steel…the hot zone…the end of racism
Favorite Bands: jay-z, ghostface killah, dmx, obie trice, busta rhymes, eminem, dr. dre and snoop dogg, freeway, the clipse, the neptunes, lil wyte and three 6 mafia, the diplomats, game, ludacris
Favorite Quotes: i was hurtin’ ’em in the home of the terrapins, got it dirt cheap for them, plus if they was short wit cheese i would work with them
Favorite Other WMUC Show: RETURN 2 DA PIT
Other Info:
i host a rap show on wmuc called the coast to coast overdose, fridays 10-12pm, i play rap, mostly album tracks that bump hard, occasionally singles that aren’t lame, any coast or era is game (hence the name)…basically i play music for twistin’ up, gettin’ down, rollin’ in your whip and partyin’ hard like a true terp…listen…and join my facebook group for overdose listeners…peace

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Archived Playlists

Show Date Show Name Last Modified
06/01/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 06/09/07 12:01:50
06/29/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 07/31/07 19:10:31
09/07/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 09/10/07 16:12:46
08/31/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 09/10/07 15:59:59
09/14/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 09/18/07 17:42:09
09/21/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 10/20/07 15:16:58
09/28/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 10/20/07 15:26:37
10/05/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 10/20/07 15:33:24
10/12/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 10/20/07 15:40:28
10/19/07 Coast To Coast Overdose 10/20/07 15:47:14

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