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Select an Exhibition Concept – Design and Build Tips

Select an Exhibition Concept – Design and Build Tips


Developing an exhibition design is a complex matter, it is crucial that your presentation is easy to perceive and is consistent with all your other marketing campaigns. Your brand should be on-point and should be presented well. Below are the features that you want to think about to ensure that you are creating the ideal communication to your audience. To get attention in the show it is crucial to distinguish yourself from the competition. With hundreds of exhibition stands at the event, it is not simple to stand out. A stand need to look professional and remarkable.

The outside of your stand is simply as essential as the within because this is the very first perception customers can see. Your stand entrance and company sign ought to match your exhibit stand interior in style and decor. They might not turn into part of your interior, but increasing your design style to them will give your whole company a extra specific look.

Cutting-edge Design
Simply because of the fact you have actually opened up your stand and customers have started can be found in doesn’t mean you’re done customizing the interior. Having a decor funding might be a great concern if you desire to have your stand new and constantly fresh looking.

Ensure that you have all the minor points in mind. The colors you pick can significantly impact the state of mind in your stand as well as the shape of your desks might give the overall place a totally different sense. Providing yourself a balanced budget to the exhibition stand interior may make or burst together with your company.

Keep the colors with your company brand use a color chart to find exact matching colors. Most companies have branding guidelines which determine which colors need to be used. This will keep the design uniform and easily recognizable as the brand. You can check if monitors, speakers, or counters will block an image or image. Make sure that your signage is visible. The design can then be changed accordingly. Most importantly, the colors, images, and graphics you choose represent your brand. A distinctive design and color scheme help your exhibit stand out on a busy trade show floor.

How important is exhibition design preparation?

At a convention, brand recognition is vital. A trade exhibition is just in relation to the most important marketing chance you will discover. In respect to the Center for Exhibition and Industry Research, potential customers may select in as little as three seconds to get into the stand. At the following text find some samples of stand design for exhibitions

Generate a message for being seen from different distances. Printing texts tend to be strong when they are noticeable from lengthy range, middle range and close to the stand.

Position the same information in diverse areas.

Communicate the business message as a slogan close or below the logo.

Print your website link nearby the most well known branding.

The lighting you utilize is based on the kind of atmosphere you want to create, colored lights can make the stand be noticed.

The products are to be selected based on the targeted public.

The effective use of multimedia.

Digital visual elements, music also help invite visitors into your stand, and then involve them within the experience.

As opposed to traditional fixed signs, digital signs allows you to plan virtually any type of visual content into a screen. You could use your built-in tools to create simple static images and messages to videos, slide shows, animated graphics, and much more. Take the present materials and get some or all of these into digital forms to be exhibited on the LED screens.

Look at what furniture you can have in the stand, cozy chairs are a great option to sit in when conversing to customers, you do not want people who are not involved in your business making use of your site as a rest stop and coming between you and the upcoming potential client.

When opening, or redecorating, an exhibition stand, it is vital that the style is beneficial and expense productive. A well-designed design might make the main difference among a system exhibit stand, and a last option structure.

A customized exhibition design with appealing graphics, multimedia effects such as light boxes and printings can make a business stand out at the show with an exhibition stand and come up with a more sophisticated look. Your message should generate an impression.

Create buzz for your stand by forming your message around the heart of your brand. It must create an impact and have a lasting idea. Be reliable with all your marketing activities so your audience will not confuse you with many other brands and they also will continue to identify your company when they see the brand somewhere else. Give your audience your selling points in as little time as possible. This will assure that audience will get the important message prior to they decide to go away. The prospects should leave the stand figuring out how they can get the offered product or service.

Critical Communications World Exhibition design review

Critical Communications World Exhibition design review

Preparing an exhibition stand design requires a lot of planning and preparation, all tasks  have to take place on the run up to the event, to ensure you get the greatest outcome. Activteam with the expertise in 20 years helped exhibitors organizing there stands minimizing their effort and time, providing just about all services of designing supervision and construction in an organized environment. We can expect a collaborative event that will benefit all who participate, built on an unprecedented level and breadth of information.

Effective information are absolutely crucial to support the work of all professionals around the world who do such a magnificent job in protecting citizens, critical infrastructure, and critical business processes. Critical communications users are facing unprecedented change, as the world is facing elevated threats to its safety and security. TCCA is dedicated to supporting all critical communications professionals, whether a lone paramedic working in a remote area, or a multinational manufacturer pushing the boundaries of innovation.

This event is designed to support its participants. TCCA is not a commercial organization, and we fully understand budget constraints, and the need to maximize return on investment. From PMR to professional LTE, from direct mode to drones, from applications to antennas – we bring them all together at Critical Communications World to drive the evolution of the industry and enhance the power of communications to safeguard our world.

Seeing exhibitors to be happy and confident to receive the best solution to promote their product and services
Staying in Forefront is what really matters when exhibiting. A visible recognizable look, leading image, branding, we all know how important that is but how to achieve it? How to bring this work into reality? Activteam exhibition marketer David Blond says it is a combination of exhibitor’s targets, marketing and experience. Designers with endless ideas and the taste to put in front a project with a modern exhibition design. More info

The constructed exhibition stands, have been intelligent positioned, targeting potential visitor’s attention from all directions. Exhibitors experienced more visitors just at the first day, reported an exhibitor who designed first year a custom exhibition stand by Activteam.

Intertraffic Exhibition Stands in Amsterdam, Netherlands

INTERTRAFFIC Exhibition Stands in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The seminar programmed will feature technical presentations of products and services that have already been launched, demonstrations on trends, market developments and business cases, as well as pilot project results, panel discussions, tenders and project launches. “Intertraffic Amsterdam” is one of the largest and most influential international trade exhibitions for traffic infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the very latest products, services and solutions offered by suppliers. Also, it showcases the latest trends and developments. “Intertraffic Amsterdam” is meant for policymakers, specialists and operational personnel from government authorities, engineering consultancies, and the industry at large. Design makes a difference, preparation is crucial, an experience of contractor can make the difference. The award winning stands has been won this year by Activteam.

The most important targets for International acting companies when participating in an exhibition is creating brand recognition. With appealing exhibition stands, they not just focus on attention they implement and expose also the unique qualities of the brand. Once they create a sense of brand closeness, they immediately relate with the brand.

High visibility incomparable look to our brand and a leading image, created attention and the will coming atmosphere inside the exhibition stands have been reported by exhibitors contracting the stand builder Activteam
that recommends focusing on a leadership and brand acknowledgment. Through Activteam, the exhibitor’s targets that went further than product presentation and sales, precisely because the exhibition stands indicate a level of prestige.

Companies who joined the trade show and constructed exhibition stands with Activteam required the implementation of important requirements in their presentations. The successful launch is a crucial part of a contractor and his knowledge and capability of detail thinking and the understanding of complex requirements.