Exhibition Stand Designs Creating and Development is Important for Your Next Trade Show


Exhibition Stand Designs Creating & Development

Exhibition stand designs has continued to progress in the past years, particularly for large organizations. Consequently, this has resulted in more buyers plus far more sales for businesses. It is essential that this evolution goes on and extends to more companies and industries.

Custom-made exhibition stand designs utilizing a important, company correlated visual style, just as an outstanding presence is important for trade event notable outcomes. Modern day and original design can make an exhibit overall look special, getting more prospects, showing the organization authority. Substantial support, innovative designers and good construction quality may have a critical effect on the entire presentation. When you participate in several European shows  per year, you will need different and impressive exhibition stand designs in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain.

Design aspects that focus on superior presentation solutions

Advancement of smart styles with the power to increase substantially your exhibition presence. Ingenious exhibition booth design to display your products and solutions, with intelligent method and the efficiency to get in touch with your clients easily, bringing returns to your demonstrations.

Exhibition Stand Designs and Styles
Get design solutions, find stand design selections and find out how to establish a business driven, exhibition stand design. Find marketplace suitable methods and booth concepts that are more exclusive, impressive, increasing exposure than ever before.

Inspiring Exhibition Stand Design – Research Options

Research for a company that regularly develops a number of new technology to suit a growing require in trade show presentations, while also providing a target specific strategy. If the company offers in-house assortment includes design, producing and exhibition promotion, personalization, presentation procedures and new features.

Top Trade Show Booth Design Tips


At a trade show, people count on seeing the latest as well as technologies, and that means you need to be up to date. Look at what some of the other big companies around the globe are doing at their trade shows and take note.

The quantity of space you have to work with at the trade show need to be utilized correctly. You need to strike the right balance between offering as much as possible without creating the feeling of clutter. Attendees like open spaces that they feel comfortable in, so don’t cram stuff among narrow spaces – it will not work.

Even though you’re relatively new to the industry, getting to grips with brand identity should be a priority the first day.


Robust Brand Image

The sooner you become memorable in the mind of your consumer, the easier it will be to stand out at a trade show. One of the top trade event booth design tips to follow is to be consistent with all the branding that you have done before going to the trade show.

Exhibit attendees in your target audience must be quickly informed about products and services that you offer. This helps avoid being distracted by questions from people that are never going to buy your products. Ambiguous trade show booth designs can lead to a flurry of pointless questions that your sales reps will need to spend some time answering.

The graphics must convey the objective of your brand and possibly the philosophy too. Get just as much information across as you can so that the target customer is intrigued to find out more. However, don’t make the mistake of cramming in an excessive amount of into the graphics as it can lead to confusion.

Try to be provocative or controversial, but in a way that will not alienate your target customer. Make bold statements and unorthodox claims if you can deliver on them – graphics can be a powerful tool to accomplish that.



Include Interactive Technologies & Multimedia

Consider the vertical space too. Hanging signs are an easy way to attract attention as soon as attendees enter the building. Create that “wow” factor with your trade booth design and you’ll set the right tone for the professionalism of your exhibition booth design .

When researching for an exhibition stand constructor and all around exhibition services and you are therefore looking to create a trade show booth that blends perfectly with your brand story, then to find a contractor with experience and a good reputation for nice exhibition stands will be the first approach.

The one factor you won’t be aware of when applying for a exhibition is the ambitious aspect of these events. Every organization taking part has identical ambitions as yours, which may create this a extremely competitive situation. The one help of a custom exhibition stand design is that it is original and appealing, it is designed by professionals to guarantee you make an impression at any event you participate in and market.


Folks appreciate advanced designs and new creative sparkle. A custom exhibition stand design will clearly not get forgotten and inspire your audience attention.


Critical Communications World Exhibition design review

Critical Communications World Exhibition design review

Preparing an exhibition stand requires a lot of planning and preparation, all tasks have to take place on the run up to the event, to ensure you get the greatest outcome. Activteam with the expertise in 20 years helped exhibitors organizing there stands minimizing their effort and time, providing just about all services of designing supervision and construction in an organized environment. We can expect a collaborative event that will benefit all who participate, built on an unprecedented level and breadth of information.

Effective information are absolutely crucial to support the work of all professionals around the world who do such a magnificent job in protecting citizens, critical infrastructure, and critical business processes. Critical communications users are facing unprecedented change, as the world is facing elevated threats to its safety and security. TCCA is dedicated to supporting all critical communications professionals, whether a lone paramedic working in a remote area, or a multinational manufacturer pushing the boundaries of innovation.

This event is designed to support its participants. TCCA is not a commercial organization, and we fully understand budget constraints, and the need to maximize return on investment. From PMR to professional LTE, from direct mode to drones, from applications to antennas – we bring them all together at Critical Communications World to drive the evolution of the industry and enhance the power of communications to safeguard our world.

Seeing exhibitors to be happy and confident to receive the best solution to promote their product and services
Staying in Forefront is what really matters when exhibiting. A visible recognizable look, leading image, branding, we all know how important that is but how to achieve it? How to bring this work into reality? Activteam exhibition marketer David Blond says it is a combination of exhibitor’s targets, marketing and experience. Designers with endless ideas and the taste to put in front a project with a modern design. More info

The constructed exhibition stands, have been intelligent positioned, targeting potential visitor’s attention from all directions. Exhibitors experienced more visitors just at the first day, reported an exhibitor who designed first year a custom exhibition stand by Activteam.

AA Studio Kombiko budująca wyświetla targi

Możesz mieć duże problemy, jeśli okaże się, że wykonawca nie przygotował stoiska, albo jeszcze gorzej, nie zwrócił przedpłaty.


Dobra wiedza o wykonawcy pozwala zapobiec oszustwom. Poniżej zaprezentowano wiele rodzajów oszustw. Niektóre są mniej oczywiste i trudniejsze do wykrycia. Nasze ostatnie badania oszustw w branży stoisk targowych jest oparte o badaniaprzeprowadzone w Europie i ma na celu rozpoznawanie ryzyka związanego zatrudnianiem wykonawców. Poniżej prezentujemy listę zauważonych uchybień.

W branży stoisk targowych możesz zostać oszukany na bardzo wiele sposobów, ale jest też wiele sposobów na zapobiegnięcie oszustwom i zabezpieczenie się przed tymi, którzy chcą zaszkodzić Twojej firmie. W większości przypadków należy zachować ostrożność i unikać niepewnych kontaktów, żeby nie przysporzyć sobie kłopotów. Dowiedz się jak najwięcej o potencjalnym partnerze, korzystając z Google, poproś o referencje, dowiedz się więcej o ich wcześniejszych realizacjach lub znajdź opinie o firmie.

Poniżej znajdują się ostatnie doniesienia o potencjalnych oszustwach w branży budowy stoisk targowych:

Polska firma budująca stoiska targowe, której właścicielem jest Marek Staniszewski, zakończyła współpracę z naszą firmą bez wybudowania stoiska. AA Studio Kombiko napisał do nas maila kilka dni przed targami, wyjaśniając że nie posiadają możliwości wybudowania stoiska. Musimy znaleźć inną firmę konstrukcyjną. Wzniesienie stoiska zostało przez nas potwierdzone sześćdziesiąt dni wcześniej, podpisaliśmy porozumienie i przelaliśmy przedpłatę w wysokości 50%”.

„Polski wykonawca Spółka budujący stoiska targi. Chcieliśmy wziąć udział w targach w Niemczech, dlatego skontaktowaliśmy się z firmą, która jest polską firmą budująca stoiska na targi.  Podpisaliśmy umowę i wysłaliśmy 50% kwoty w formie przedpłaty, otwierając drogę do rozpoczęcia prac nad konstrukcją. Po kilku dniach otrzymaliśmy maila informującego, że nie mogli stworzyć konstrukcji i zwrócą nam pieniądze.

Następnie czekali przez ponad 2 miesiące, ale nie otrzymaliśmy zwrotu pieniędzy.
Po kilku telefonach powiedzieli nam po prostu, żebyśmy skontaktowali się z ich prawnikiem i nie zamierzali z nami więcej rozmawiać. Kierownik projektu nie zamierzał przekierować połączeń do właściciela firmy, pana Marka Staniszewskiego.
Inni ludzie, z którymi udało mi się porozmawiać przez telefon, powiedzieli że rozmowa z nami nie leży w zakresie ich obowiązków. Świadome wprowadzenie kogoś w błąd dla własnej korzyści. Podstęp i przekręt.

Jak możesz uzyskać obrażenia?

W powyższych historiach szczególnie interesujące jest to, że przedpłata wynosząca około pieniądze nie została zwrócona. Wygląda na to, że niektórzy wykonawcy stosują praktyki oparte na „schemacie Ponziego” i wykorzystują pieniądze nowych klientów do pokrycia kosztów wcześniejszych prac i stoisk, żeby mogli dalej czerpać zysk. Wykorzystują pieniądze wystawców do opłacania innych projektów, po czym po prostu odwołują projekt, podając różne usprawiedliwienia.



Find an experienced booth builder and reach your exhibition objectives

Exhibition Design Concepts Layouts and Styling

Exhibitions are presentations that can distribute your productions and tracks on global scale and those who become more up-to-date, are usually the favorites on the exhibition, particularly if something is brand-new and never been heard before. As technology improves, so do the expectations of attendees and therefore in order to stick out from, common build presentations, you need to search to the future and evolve as the  industry goes.

Anytime you wish a skilled exhibition stand builder for developing your stand, you must make certain that you indicate every specifications well, telling them regarding the brand and products. With this explained, a experienced stand builder can realize your business. It will produce a basic strategy to a skilled professional so they can establish a solution and style matching to the prerequisites of your business.

The time of designing varies depending on the types of the stand. A custom exhibition stand requires a longer preparation period than simple system stands to be delivered by the contractor. You will need an experienced exhibition booth builder capable to build an impactful and budget oriented booth that will catch your visitor’s attention in the most efficient way.

Research has shown that the first impression incorporates a high correlation with the actual long-term status of your customer relationship. There is not much time for you spare on your initial business presentation either.

Advertising and marketing can be quite a rewarding experience and can present a real ROI. Having a well-planned exhibition booth, can help you to reach your exhibition objectives. check here

WMUC Radio at IBC Exhibition

In the past week, the digital world met in Amsterdam to the annual IBC exhibition, one of the

most influential show for the Media, Entertainment and Technology industry.

Also for the project office Digital Radio Fair brought new impetus and it is hoped to have gained
new DAB receiver.

Finally, the year will be accompanied with new transmitters and developments in the service area.

The IBC exhibition has come to an end, on Saturday night the exhibition halls in Amsterdam were closed.
For the first time presented itself at this event, the digital radio to DAB + standard on prior
ARD and Norddeutscher Rundfunk. The main issue was the traffic of the individual national
broadcasters and the networking of these offers at this point.

By the IBC exhibition was launched by many companies, digital radio and traffic data transmission.
The magic word is “TPEG” (Transport Protocol Experts Group) and to a certain extent the development
of “TMC”, the date on the Radio Data System (RDS) broadcast data service that provides the navigation
device with storage updates and other traffic data. TPEG this may also, however, reliable, rapid
and in more detail. The system even includes features to identify about obstacles on the route more
accurately or to find out about the parking situation at the destination of travel. Find more music shows here

A TPEG test service is at the current time to national multiplex “on Air”. However, the primary use
of these only the original equipment manufacturers, for navigation devices with TPEG are still scarce.
But the issue was planned “in the roadmap” of the automakers and in the further development,
explains Maik Elster from project office of WMUC Radio. The exhibition stand was impressive.
The exhibition stand design was created by the exhibition stand builder Activteam. Visitors were excited to test and join the new technology presented on the stand.

For the exhibition Plasa in UK, Olympia Center, a trade show for new developments in the entertainment, event and music industries. lighting, audio, AV, stage engineering and special effects.

Intertraffic Exhibition Stands in Amsterdam, Netherlands

INTERTRAFFIC Exhibition Stands in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The seminar programmed will feature technical presentations of products and services that have already been launched, demonstrations on trends, market developments and business cases, as well as pilot project results, panel discussions, tenders and project launches. “Intertraffic Amsterdam” is one of the largest and most influential international trade exhibitions for traffic infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the very latest products, services and solutions offered by suppliers. Also, it showcases the latest trends and developments. Intertraffic Amsterdam is meant for policymakers, specialists and operational personnel from government authorities, engineering consultancies, and the industry at large. Design makes a difference, preparation is crucial, an experience of contractor can make the difference. The best exhibition stand builder prize has been won this year by Activteam.

The most important targets for International acting companies when participating in an exhibition is creating brand recognition. With appealing exhibition stands, they not just focus on attention they implement and expose also the unique qualities of the brand. Once they create a sense of brand closeness, they immediately relate with the brand.

High visibility incomparable look to our brand and a leading image, created attention and the will coming atmosphere inside the exhibition stands have been reported by exhibitors contracting the stand builder Activteam
that recommends focusing on a leadership and brand acknowledgment. Through Activteam, the exhibitor’s targets that went further than product presentation and sales, precisely because the exhibition stands indicate a level of prestige.

Companies who joined the trade show and constructed exhibition stands with Activteam required the implementation of important requirements in their presentations. The successful launch is a crucial part of a contractor and his knowledge and capability of detail thinking and the understanding of complex requirements.

Making a decision on the best exhibition stand builder for your upcoming trade show

Participating at trade shows give the opportunity to have effective exhibition stands and cultivate client relations. Relations can be managed by a brief conversation on the stand instead than by wasting large quantities of time and money on travelling.

Trade shows make it possible to incorporate many advertising instruments. If a business has the main goal to attract new clients it has to launch a large-scale promotion campaign ahead of a trade fair. Otherwise, if its goal would be to expand relations with current clients then these must be stimulated to visit the stand beforehand.

A simple analysis of trade fair activities discloses that exhibition stand hire represent a marketing instrument with a broad range and reaching consequence. All the above factors underline the value of trade shows within the marketing mix.

Remarkable Exhibition stand Hire design Layouts

The three major factors that need considering in organizing your stand are: your advertising targets, budget range and the rules set by the organizers. A stand services provider can help you figure out such considerations. The exhibition stand design company Quazen can give you 3D designs of your future stands. These cover not only the platform but in addition furniture, graphics and illumination plans.

It’s also advisable to appraise the time you have remaining before the exhibition day.  When searching for recommended exhibition stand builders company one is Activteam exhibition stands, it spares you a lot of time with its facilities, skilled workers, and and longtime experience.

Transport is an matter when hiring an exhibition stand are one more cost and time-saving aspect of hiring a stand company. If you would like exhibit abroad within and beyond Europe, you do not strain about coordinating and setting up your exhibition stand. The service company can manage the forms so you can concentrate on planning your staff and other stuff.

An exhibition stand construction company provide your stand installation on the venue, it undertake the set up of your stand as well. Aside from the construction, it places, furniture and other machines to where they are designed. How to hire an skilled exhibition stand contractor.

After the exhibition, your staff is about to be fatigued from entertaining your prospects. It will be a great consideration if they save you from the job of dismantling the stand. They should also have a team of assembly workers.

  • Exhibition stand hire.
  • Attending several exhibitions
  • Participating in multiple shows
  • Exhibitions are held in different locations. If you would like show up at another trade show in a different venue, you have to prepare for the change in layout. With an capable and experienced exhibition stand service, you can manage your exhibition presentations.

Looking for an exhibition stand contractor to design and build your exhibition stand, it is essential you select a company that have been in the marketplace, Traxor Exhibitions provides exhibition stands for exhibitors looking for having their budget under control, but with advantages of a custom build stand.

If possible they will have international experience to give you a visually stunning exhibition stand that will appeal to your entire target audience that walks through the show.

Kemexpo is a skilled building contractors that can produce an exhibition stand with prebuild or wood materials and high costumization, The average cost for a brand new customized exhibition stand for a new exhibition stand is about
250 Euro per square meter.

The interior design must be carefully and well designed, as it has a direct effect on attracting targeted traffic.

Important for every exhibitor is to find productive and efficient exhibition supply, covering the entire design, manufacturing and supply chain.

Franc Stera is exhibition marketing strategist. Assisting, exhibitors to accomplish their marketing targets.

How a well-planned stand design can multiply your sales

Exhibitions and fairs are increasingly becoming more dynamic and participative so that you can generate new experiences in the visitors. One of the attractions that exhibition stand builders spend playtime with is entertainment.

What are the last tendencies in exhibition stand design? Interactive and experiential stands are playing a crucial role in exhibitions and trade shows. The aim is, today, to entertain the general public and let the experience remain in their memories. Increasingly, brands are trying to find creating spectacular stands and events for his or her public. They want the visitors not only to stay and watch, but to interact with the products and devices.

To achieve it, an exhibition stand builder should create and install new surprising elements. In this article we will check some real examples of how to work together with the last innovative aspects.

A meticulously designed exhibition stand will improve sales, considering that staff and product displaying efficacy raises. For some environments, the specific arranging of tables, chairs, displays, etc, will make it uncomplicated or hard for staff to circulate around, the more easily the personnel can get around, the higher the effectiveness of the stand.

People tend to check out exhibition stands when they remain in a rush, or when they would like to chill out after a few hours standing. Many people try to get a comfortable environment in which to relax, where they can sit, be helped – and inform themselves about the products or services. A well-designed exhibition stand will deliver the excellent atmosphere for the clientele.

The search for a high quality and innovative exhibition stand design company can be hard, depending on the scope and the level of the presentation. Discovering the proper design company is an essential expert relationship and financial investment.  An exhibition stand design company should be able to present ideas, perspectives and professional know-how to the customer, as well as project management and marketing.

Review a number of different firms to know the quality and the variety of services they can supply and possible open your eyes to brand-new alternatives and trends you may not have in reality thought of. Make certain they go over all the parts of design consisting of the selection of fine furnishings, diverse materials and multimedia.

Deliberately designing a long-term and multi-location tradeshow program or campaign is critical to set the marketing teams in the best conditions to implement the strategy with confidence.

Re-thinking the exhibition business presentation

Re-thinking the exhibition business presentation

Exhibitions are considered to be a great marketing tool as they are able to yield huge benefits. Exhibitions are a good way to position the exhibiting company in the minds of potential clients and provide them with relevant information on new available products and services.

Setting up an exhibition stand and hoping that it can generate additional leads may not be sufficient. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional exhibition contractor that will ease the burden of setting up an exhibition stand that actually works.

Exhibition setting up first actions:
Beginning in a flexible way. Formulate your ideas and put down your stand design thoughts as they appear to you.
Conceiving ideas doesn’t arise all at one time. You will also need the help of skilled exhibition stand contractors with optimal solutions for visibility, to increase brand recognition, for the presented products and services. 
A malfunction with the exhibition stand and product displaying may end up in an frustrating event for your customer. Essential functions probably would go unnoticed if are placed in locations of hard accessibility or bad appearance.
Following basic tactics give you the great bonus, selecting staff for a trade show is also one of these tactics. You need to select strong staff for the event. Staff should professional, professional, hopeful and friendly, who can attend person in face to face conversation and leave a good impression on the attendee.
Prepare your staff ahead of the event and provide training about product and services, goals and objective for a trade show. Showcase products are attention point so staff would have to be knowledgeable about the product, and capable to tell that how your product is distinctive from others.